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Aisha, the book buyer- and Kindle.

Me: I decided I want to get a kindle
K: You don’t want to do that.
Me: Yes, I do. I think it’s time. I’m going to order it now.
K: No. Seriously. Don’t.
Me: What? No? I want one. Why would you say no? That is so-
K: Sigh. I got you one. As a gift. It’s getting here tomorrow.


I still can’t believe it.Β  Me. Aisha. Got a Kindle.

That’s great, you might be thinking. You’re a regular revolutionary pioneer to get one of those newfangled devices! I hear they might someday be the new thing.

Yes- they’ve been around for a while. They’ve been around so long now they’re beating print sales, collapsing publishing houses and book stores, and for the longest time I wanted no part of it. I wanted my hands free of the carnage. And then I got one.

Years back my brother Ali considered getting me one but when he broached the topic I stared at him in horror like he suggested koala bears were the uncutest breed of bear ever and the subject was quickly dropped. When Kashif casually brought it up [unbeknown to me to test out the gift giving possibility a few months ago] I again raised a suspicious eyebrow and said absolutely not- except this time my refusal was tempered with, well, maybe? Friends had them, swore by them. And I admit I got curious. Plus, to understand the beast, you must operate the beast, no?

I’ve had the Kindle for a few days now and I have to admit: I love it. I love the ease of portability and the ink-like readability. I love being able to highlight and write notes in it [which I do not do much on actual books- I hate messing up good books with scrawl]. I also realized upon getting the kindle, that my kindle purchases are not ruining the publishing industry. In a given year I buy five books. This weekend, I purchased ten. So many that my credit card company froze my account and their fraud prevention unit called me about suspicious abnormal activity. I bought so many books my credit card company worried. My purchases did not replace print sales, they simply were extra sales to the sale pot of book companies that would never have otherwise happened. My desire for instant gratification and lack of impulse control when it comes to all things books is what Kindle is designed to coax out.

There is no way I will purchase e-books exclusively going forward. I love lending books to friends and family. I love browsing book stores and borrowing books from family and friends [and the library, my bestest friend ever] and there is something special about turning actual pages and building ones personal library collection.

But I no longer feel guilty for embracing the new wave of the future of reading- it is not an either or- its both- and its pretty awesome.

Do you have an e-reader? Considering getting one? Curious for your thoughts on this topic!

16 thoughts on “Aisha, the book buyer- and Kindle.”

  1. I think we are alike on this topic. Wow–you took the plunge. I love print books and always have…for many reasons. But I do so much reading on my iPhone that I've considered an e-reader. But, if I had one, I wouldn't add as many books to my bookshelf. And the reading experience would be different. I feel so conflicted!


  2. NO, I don't think I will ever actually. I am too much traditionalist when it comes to books sigh! I love the smell of new books. The sound they make, I love looking at my book collection, just touching them makes feel so good…sigh…Yeah, I know am gonna be like the dinosaurs.


  3. Leslie, C, Cheryl, it sounds like all of you are on the fence on e-reading- I thought I was the only one emotionally struggling with the decision! πŸ™‚ Like I said in the post- for me its not going to be one or the other- its both- I just went to the library and got five books [they are not yet Kindle adapted for e-lending] and I am ordering the Tiger's Wife in paperback [since the cost is chapear for a paper book versus the e-book] but overall I like having the option of the e-reader- especially for bulky reads. Thanks for your comments!


  4. I got an ipad, and got the kindle for that. And I love it. First ipad was a bit crappy, the second is great and being able to read in the dark AND play my little stupid games and read blogs AND books? Yeah, awesome!

    Don't know about kindle, but the kindle for ipad is great, and I love that you can get a sample of the book you're considering to buy and see how you like it before buying it. At two after ten. PM. Yeah. Like I said, awe-sooooooome.


  5. I think that I want one. A friend at the pool had one, and let me play around with it. Trav tried to get me one last Christmas, but I am a 'book-book' person, the paper, the cover, I love them. I didn't want one then. I think I'm going to wait until day after thanksgiving to snag mine, and he can wrap it for me for Christmas!


  6. Kmina- does the backlighting bother you? How often do you read books on it as opposed to other things? I was concerned that I'd ned up just surfing the web with an iPad [though the other factor was the much higher cost of it too!]

    Anon, yes, I know : ) twas a joke.

    Jenn, If you get it, post how you like it- I think a Christmas gift sounds like a great idea! πŸ™‚


  7. I love my kindle… when I just got it, I was so in love with it and I still am except I love holding a book, flip its pages, smell it. Books have a distinct smell- a kindle can't just beat it πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your's!


  8. A- thanks for sharing! So you feel you use it less now that the initial hype of having a new toy settled in? Right now I have ten books on it. and counting. Oi Ve!


  9. I got a Kindle a few months ago, and I really haven't given it enough of a chance to find out if I like it or not–I haven't yet read a whole book on it yet. My husband LOVES it! I am having a little trouble with it because I'm so used to the touch screen with my iPhone and GPS, etc.; also, I wish I'd gotten the large screen one instead of the smaller. I know it may not sound like it, but I'm trying to keep an open mind until I give it a fair shake! I will be very interested to hear how you like using it as time goes on because I love the concept of having so much reading material in one place and being able to get a book instantly!


  10. My mom bought me one and I love it!!! I didn't want one because I didn't think I would like it. But once again my mom was right:) Pixie


  11. Julia- I had no idea about different screens, etc- hmm! Mine is fairly small I think. . . Its the cheapest one [ad supported, so lame its not like the kindle was .50 cents or something that they need ads!] I will def share my experience with it as time goes on!

    Pixie- right? Same here, thought I'd hate it- ended up loving it πŸ™‚


  12. πŸ™‚
    I am back to being an old fashioned reader. Kindle is good for travelling… its light.
    Actually, let me find where did I put mine.. hehehhe
    Big hug.


  13. I received a Kindle for my birthday last year. I NEVER thought I would switch without a fight or a slight bang of guilt, but I did! I still purchase books that I want in my collection to share or because it's my favorite writer or just because… The free classic book downloads fill much of Kindle library for now. (I can't help myself:() The Kindle is also great for “lazy” travel reads. It's so light and convenient I've slowly fallen in love, even though I know the feel of page turning page can never be replaced.


  14. My husband asked me that once – if I wanted a Kindle or Kobo or whatever they're called. Right away, I replied no way! I just love browsing books, and picking them up and turning them over and stacking them. Of course with a 20 month old, I don't have the time, energy or attention span to read a book. I've been trying to finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for months now, but if I read it at bedtime I fall asleep. Anyways, occasionally I think of how convenient it would be if I did have one, I could read it on a plane or standing in line or something. But what would happen to my beloved laptop? How many electronics can a girl carry around?


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