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The curious case of the waking in the nighttime: SOLVED

At least for now. [Knock on wood. Throw salt over shoulder. [insert superstition of choice like evil-eye amulet of Istanbul my son was by strange coincidence playing with at the writing of this post, designed to ward off bad vibes that could undo the good that has been done in this slumbering household- and while I’m not the superstitious sort, in matters of sleep I’d believe in vegan vampires if they cured sleep deprivation- which I don’t believe they do- insomniacs they are, or so I hear]

But I digress. How did I get from multiple wakings per night for nearly a month to a baby in bed around 7:30 bleating nary a peep until 6:30am for three nights and counting? You guys. Katery in particular, who suggested nighttime diapers. Though delivered diapers are advantageous in their cheaper prices and convenient arrival one misses out on seeing other options lining the shelves and I never realized that overnight diapers actually existed [since diapers are generally worn at all times including overnight]. As soon as she mentioned it I grabbed my keys popped him in his car seat and headed to Publix, prices be damned- if extra padded diapers meant extra sleep then that is what I was going to do now and not a minute later!

And it worked. Three nights and counting, he sleeps through the night with nary a leak or a peep. Wet diapers. That was the issue. Poor kid. If you told me pre-kid I’d celebrate waking with the roosters I’d likely have stared at you like you had peach seeds glued to your head for purely aesthetic reasons [though I have a hard time figuring out any legitimate reason for glued peach seeds even aesthetic ones- though who am I to judge]. But now? Give me 6+ consecutive hours of sleep and I’m about as thrilled as it gets. I could in actuality get much more sleep, twelve hours of straight sleep if I desired, I just have a hard time sleeping on time because the night time hours are my time to read, watch TV, or work on my writing. As much as I know I should sleep earlier to take advantage of the possibility of a true full night’s rest- I am reluctant to part with my ‘me’ time. Still, he is sleeping, and I have the option for hitting the hay at 10pm and getting eight hours if I desired- and that’s pretty indescribably sweet.

I love blogging for many reasons but chief among them is the amazing support network that helps me see things in entirely new ways. Sadia‘s sage advice, to accept the sleep deprivation- embrace it- because its the reality of parenting youngsters really gave me an aha moment because while he slept these past three nights, teething, nightmares, growth spurts are all on the horizon ready to snatch away said sleep at a moment’s notice- perhaps if we don’t view ourselves as failures for sleep or the lack thereof, we can just fall into and enjoy this time better.  Plus as Julia Monroe Martin pointed out, sleep never returns the way it once did even when they’re grown its just in different car-driving hanging out at a party sort of way. The perspective helps. I knew I was handing over a large chunk of my life to my child when I had him, and it appears I’ll also be handing over a large chunk of my sleep- but I’m beginning to stop fighting it and appreciate the moments that I do sleep and accept the moments that I don’t.

But. In case you are not yet reaching zen-like acceptance about your own kid’s all-night partying, check out this completely awesome audio-book narrated by Samuel L. Jackson called ‘Go the F* to Sleep” [I am in awe of Mr. Jackson’s ability to transform profanity into pure poetry in Pulp Fiction- and love his twist on the universal sleep situation here]:

18 thoughts on “The curious case of the waking in the nighttime: SOLVED”

  1. Pixie, you too hun? Where are the mythical children who sleep all night as soon as they come home from the hospital? I won't say it gets better! But it does get easier to tolerate 🙂

    Anon, lol I'd say most people who read are awesome but I have a few who do not wish me well[though considering how much they say they don't like me, I don't understand why they read so religiously] and I always hesitate to post anything toooo happy for fear of evil eye- though I tell myself its just superstition.


  2. Isn't it awesome? It's my pick-me-up when I'm feeling unamused by my sleep deprivation, lol. And THANK YOU For your suggestion – if you're ever in my neck of the woods or I'm in yours I owe you dinner!!!!


  3. How wonderful!! It must feel great to get more sleep — it helps with perspective and enjoyment of all the moments! You are so lucky to have that little guy, night and day, and he is very lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving mama! (p.s. thanks for the mention; not sure I really give sage advice or just my own experience, but I'm very glad it's helped you!)


  4. Julia- Sleep goes a long way for sure but even in two hour segments- one makes it through the day somehow 🙂 Your experience is sage advice so thank you for sharing it!


  5. I think I'm waaaay too tired to be zen about not getting any sleep. I'll have to think about that … whenever I get rested up. 🙂

    I didn't know there were overnight diapers, either! I'll check it out for sure next time I'm at the store. Davie keeps peeing right through her pj's at night!


  6. Thanks Anon 🙂

    Stacey- THEY ARE A GODSEND!!!!! 🙂 W never had that issue until recently and this has helped.

    Thanks for relating C 🙂

    Thanks Ash, its grand- and a phase, I finally get that 🙂


  7. Glad to hear that sleep is being had! My little one still wakes up every three hours. I just sort of write it off as part of mommyhood. It does pass quickly and with number two, you sort of cherish the quite alone time in the rocking chair in the middle of the night. Salaam!
    PS hope you had a chance to check out my new blog.


  8. Definitely! I have hope it will happen someday Kate 🙂

    Leigh Ann, he's still young right? Like, very young? It's tough but yes- part of motherhood 🙂 I checked out your blog some time back and need to add it to my google reader- loved the content!! Thanks for the reminder!

    Mina, well you know- as soon as I posted he went back to waking once a night, lol- but I'll take once any day of the week!


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