Random thoughts from the waiting room

1. Food is a funny thing. It doesn’t matter and it does. You must eat but the last thing on your mind is chopping onions and mixing yogurt. And yet- there is only so much Panera and Pizza Hut one can eat. [Is it possible to get sick of Panera? Never thought it could happen, but I’m reaching the tipping point]. When I used to make meals for friends going through a crisis I thought it was more for me than them- me doing something, anything, to help in a small way. Now I realize how valuable such assistance is. It’s just one less thing for someone to think about. And I’m bringing by food tonight is better than If you want me to bring food don’t hesitate to ask. Because people hesitate. People won’t ask.

2. Though my mother has made enough food to feed a small nation I found myself in the grocery store today purchasing fixings for fajitas. Where will we fit all these things my mother asked watching me unload peppers, onions, salsa and sour cream. I don’t know. I just know that when my aunt had open heart surgery I made fajitas. And she liked it. And she got better. And while I know fajitas are not good luck charms in any culture or faith- similar circumstances seemed to merit similar food so I went with my go-to food for open heart surgery [And its a little sad to have a  ‘go-to’ food for open heart surgery].

3. When I passed the bar exam I sent my dad this mug. Considered taking it with me to the hospital to put amongst the flowers, balloons and get well cards:

Except I worried his doctors might not find it quite as amusing.

4. My car side mirrors got busted a few years back and I’ve since mastered the art of a good over the shoulder glance. My father is unimpressed with my mastery and has for years admonished me at each opportunity to get my mirrors fixed. The morning after surgery I sat down across from him, held his hand and leaned in as he moved his mouth to speak, I’ve spoken with your mother and your brothers will be taking your car to my mechanic to get the mirrors fixed- no questions or debate. When these are your father’s first words after surgery you know that a) he’s going to be okay and b) saying no  is not an option. Check. Mate.

5. And the kind of dad whose first thought after a triple bypass surgery is this is the perfect opportunity to convince my daughter to get her car mirrors fixed– is the kind of father you know you are damn lucky to have in your life. The only way to repay him is to be the best parent to my son that I can possibly be.

25 thoughts on “Random thoughts from the waiting room”

  1. I love love love this post. I agree that food seems to have this transforming healing power. I eat when I'm sad (comfort foods like icecream and mac n' cheese), I eat to celebrate good things (restaurant), I eat when I'm frustrated(snack food). I'm sure your mother appreciated you taking care of her in that way.

    In other news, are you going to down there for awhile? I'd love to catch up with you and have a play date. I'll be heading down June 19th. 🙂


  2. Thanks Anon 🙂

    Jamila, I am not sure yet how long I'll stay, this coming week for sure, and after that its day-by-day- June 19th huh? That will be great if I am here to meet up and finally meet Rania!! 🙂 BTW- what is Blogger doing? How is it denying your comments? Ic hanged my comment form hoping it would help things- but can't figure out what's going on.


  3. My dad had a triple-bypass almost two years ago. It was really tough for me to see my dad, who was my strength, in the ICU.

    Wishing you and him all the best.



  4. Oh my goodness, Aisha, I'm so sorry for all you've been through! My father has had minor surgery twice for heart blockages and both times it just scared the crap outta me. I can't imagine my life without his calm presence and unconditional love! I'll be praying for you, your dad and your loved ones! What a wonderful father you have!


  5. Laughing at the mug…

    I think that is so sweet of your dad to worry about your car mirrors right now. Seriously, it made me tear up a little. Dad's are pretty great, aren't they?

    By the way, my husband drove around with his side mirror attached to his car only by duct tape for about two years. Who needs side mirrors anyway?!


  6. Glad things are improving; I love how your father wants to take care of you even when he is waiting for surgery — I know I'd be the same way with my kids, as you will for your son. As you say, it's the only way you can repay him. What a lovely post.


  7. loved this post! glad to hear your dad is improving and that–yes–his first priority is ALWAYS his children and their safety. hang in there! wish i lived closer, i'd bring dinner by but let's settle on a cyber hug 🙂


  8. jjirrafe, thanks for your comment and sharing your own experience with this.

    A, thanks I appreciate your thinking of us and your comment!

    Fruitful, aw thanks so much for letting me know that this post meant something to you.

    Thanks anon 🙂

    Jamila- hmm, each person seems to have a diff issue- might convert to wordpress- thanks for letting me know! and for your well wishes 🙂

    Stacey, I agree- we need our parents- we always do and always will.


  9. Mystic, classic Aisha, lol, I wonder what that means but I will take the compliment from you any day :))

    Azmina, food is helpful indeed! Thanks for your well wishes!!

    Kate, thanks 🙂

    Raising, interesting that I'm not the only one with 'interesting' side mirors lol 🙂 Thanks for relating!


  10. Julia- I guess the instincts that make their way into our hearts at the moment of parenthood never fade away no matter how much older our children get!

    Simeen, thanks so much, and a cyber-hug is great- thanks 🙂


  11. Aisha…so sorry to hear about your dad's illness. Its so hard to see our parents vulnerable, isnt it? I distinctly remember the ground shifting from under me when my mom was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. Alhumdullilah she's fine, and I'm glad to hear your dad is recovering as well. I hope this time will soon be behind you all. Lots of hugs, love, and prayers for you all.


  12. Maleeha, I'm sorry your mom got a diagnosis like that 😦 So glad to hear she's fine though. Thanks for relating and your well wishes.

    Baraka, thank you so much, it means the world 🙂

    Panda Bear, yeah considering my dad's cardiologist is his son's father-in-law I felt it best not to do anything that could be misread, lol.

    Thanks Latosha


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