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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. Waleed is on the mend and the weather was just right so I stuck him in the Ergo and headed out with my new bluetooth clipped on [which is great! I no longer hang up on people with my cheek! And! I feel very important and chic like I’m discussing Very Important Matters even though its usually a ‘what do you want to eat for dinner? I don’t know what do you want to eat for dinner. I don’t know what do you. . . and so on and so forth]. One great thing about my neighborhood is the children, all races and ethnicity, get along spectacularly. Where most neighborhood streets are empty of children, indoors watching television or otherwise sedentarily engaged, here they’re out interacting with one another. Every evening I look out the window and feel like I’m looking in on a UN headquarters meeting [if it involved hopscotch, jump roping, and playing sports- which lets be honest, we can’t be sure doesn’t take place at actual UN headquarters]. White, Black, Latino, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, all playing together. Today on my walk I saw two kids dribbling a basketball walking a few paces ahead of me. I’ve lived in this neighborhood seven years and I’ve watched them grow from four-year-olds grinning with more gaps than teeth to now, on the cusp of adolescence, rivaling me in height. I smiled today as I saw them whispering to one another, looking up at the sky and grinning as they pointed at birds flying overhead in perfect formation on this lazy summer evening. I felt about as wholesome as one can. Then one of the boys pointed to the sky once more and the other pulled out a black gun and began shooting in earnest. A BB gun. At birds. Well, it was a great feel-good moment until then.

Two. My games with Waleed are slowly evolving from simply peek-a-boo to now hide the pen, spoon or any other object at hand. I love placing it under a leg or under a sheet of paper and watching him investigate and squeal upon discovering it once more. So ofcourse he decided to amp up the fun and hide my keys and credit-cards. It’s a shame that having the memory of a guppy fish and the verbal abilities of one too, he never got around to letting me know where he put them and I haven’t been able to find them since. I called Am Ex to get a new card, they’re always good about it and I love that they do so with nary a lecture on being more responsible [which I do think they’d be entitled to at this point as I’ve misplaced the card many a time and long before I could blame it on a baby]. But, their eagerness does make me wonder.

Me: My son hid my credit card and I can’t find it. Can I get a new one?
AmEx: Sure. We can overnight it!
Me: Thanks, you guys did that once for me in Brazil but you don’t have to do that now I’m not going out anytime soon.
AmEx: No really! we can overnight it!
Me: It’s okay. Thank you though.
AmEx: But it would be our pleasure to do it.
Me: Yeah, I know but. .
AmEx: Don’t you want your card?
Me: Um, yeah
AmEx: So there’s no harm right?
Me:. . . right. . .
AmEx: It’ll be there tomorrow! Free of charge!

When a credit card company is beside themselves to send you the credit card ASAP it makes you question your spending habits- and while I’m fairly certain I don’t use my cards that much I’ll be double checking going forward for sure. Glad for having a credit card once more and a bit more thoughtfulness as I try figuring out why I’m AmEx’s BFF.

Three. Years ago I had a close friend I cared about very much. I can tell you my reasons but they really don’t matter anymore, the truth is, I made a mistake and I broke a promise to her. I was 20 years old- but I knew better. And while I learned an important lesson from it, it cost me a good friendship- and lessons as valuable as they are- are never worth the cost of a good friendship. Years later through facebook and this blog we reconnected and I was thankful the hurt of years past had faded but the fondness of the friendship we shared remained. Last week I got a book in the mail for my seven year blogoversary. It was from her. A Fine Balance. A book she [and many of you] have highly recommended but I’ve shied away from because its a chunky novel and I know the library renewals would run out before I managed to finish it. Now I have no more excuses [except that K picked up the book to browse through but then never really put it back down because he can’t stop reading it. It’s fine. I can wait.] I am so thankful for how much I’ve grown in the span of time since my mistake but oh so thankful that some friendships get a second chance.

So in sum: neighborhood children who see no color, credit-cards expressed overnight, a new book to dive into and a friendship reclaimed- do Thursdays get better than this? Hope you have a great Thursday too.

12 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. God, it's already Thursday?! I did NOT see it coming this time…

    You are really lucky to have children of all colours playing in the neighbourhood. Over here, there are almost none. There are play grounds, but children don't really interact. They play with their parents, not with the other children. And when I remember when I was a child myself and how I used to ring at every door behind which there was a child and in an hour I would gather an entire army to 'boss' around playing all games we knew… George will never know how that feels.


  2. Your Thursday updates always make the world a brighter place. So glad you & she reconciled. It's incredibly healing, and can be the start of a beautiful new friendship.

    I had a similar experience losing a friend in my early 20s due to my thoughtlessness, and we reconnected through Facebook too just a couple of years ago & it has been wonderful since.

    Kudos to both of you for being courageous enough to try again.



  3. So finally “A Fine Balane”……Go ahead – its a must read. Its a great tale of how to balance “Dukh” and “sukh” in life!!


  4. Very nice, feel good post! I loved it all — tried to think of one thing that I liked most, but just can't. (although the friend thing is a great reminder to me, too. those friend things can weigh us down for years, so I'm so glad you reconnected!)


  5. Thanks Anon πŸ™‚

    Baraka, I''m glad you enjoy these and that you also reconnected with a friend- for all the cons, FB does have that benefit of reconnecting us!

    Mina, that is so sad 😦 These kids are all older than W, I don't see many toddlers out and about 9[even w/ parents in tow]- I hope you and I both can proactively find these other children so our children can have that experience.

    Tauqeer and A, thanks for your comments πŸ™‚

    Mystic, as soon as K is done I'll start, looking forward to it!!

    Julia, thanks :))) Yes- its amazing how the friend thing can weigh you down- when we finally reconnected and I saw that there were no more hard feelings I really felt a burden lift that I had not even known was still there after all these years. Glad it was a good reminder for you:)


  6. Finally catching up, and I'm so pleased to be doing so on a Thursday! I love your Thursdays!

    First of all, a BB gun? Birds?! The little brats…I would have had trouble watching that. Bear and I love to sit on the driveway in the evening and watch the neighborhood kids play. This past weekend, they actually played with her! She was in heaven!

    I'm so glad that Waleed is starting to feel better. It really sounds like he had a rough time. I totally feel you with the pedi issues. During the early battle with Bear's food allergies, we switched. I think that pediatrician's office – in particular – are really bad about dismissing parent's concerns…they seem to think that we're all hysterical mothers, and in doing so, they create opportunities to miss significant health concerns. My daughter could have died from anaphylaxis while I was on the phone being lectured by the nurse how the doctor had dealt with the problem earlier in the day.


  7. Thanks Tracy πŸ™‚

    Raising, oh yes I glared quite hard at those boys and they didn't do it again I think they didn't realize I was walking behind them they were quite caught up in their conversation. . . That is frustrating about DR offices- the quick dismissal- we're not all hysterical parents- and give us that benefit of the doubt! How frightening that you dealt with anaphylaxis. *shuddeR* Glad that you stuck to your guns.


  8. ah i can comment on your posts again, i couldn't for a couple of days!
    i read this post and ran straight out to by “A fine balance”…i'll take a recommendation from anywhere! can\t put the book down….ive hardly had it 36 hours n i've read a third…with a baby. thats gotta tell you something!


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