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Birthdays, Blogoversaries, give-aways and delurk-n-say-hi?****

Waleed turned one, we had a picnic, we cut a cake, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. A lot more to say but while I let the thoughts marinate, in honor of birthdays, and seven years of blogging fun if you’re reading, please say hi! [and anything else you wish to share, like who you are, when you started reading, salmon or halibut? or whatever stream of consciousness strikes you!] Last time I asked y’all to delurk for a blogoversary was five years earlier, and I still remember the awesome comments and how they made me smile. While blogging is about writing, its also about community, and really, that’s the true enduring part of it all. If you’ve been reading, quiet or otherwise, and are interested, I thought it finally time on the downhill slope from Waleed’s first birthday, to share my give-away! This is my way of saying thank you for reading. These are not sponsored-gift, they’re from me and while I wish I could offer golden tubas, or something equally fancy I’m sharing these things because they mean something to me and make me excited to give with the hopes you’ll enjoy receiving them. Plus, with four different gifting opportunities, there will be more odds to win:

  1. One super-sized decorative box of my favorite candies and chocolates ever.
  2. One collected assortment of my favorite candles.
  3. A brand new copy of my favorite book on motherhood ever or my favorite book- not on motherhood- ever– your choice.
  4. $15 Gift Card to Babies R US

To enter: Leave a comment on this post and tell me you want to enter and click follow for my blog on the side-bar! For extra entries: follow my writing blog and/or link back to my blog from your blog sidebar. Let me know in the comments which of these you did so I know how many entries to enter you for. I had initially thought of entries for retweets, etc. but I want to contain entries to people who read, be they longtime or recent readers. And local friends who silently read? It’s open to everyone! 

Because overseas shipping costs might run me the equivalent of a semester’s tuition I’m limiting entry for #1 and #2 to US/Canada, but if you live overseas and Babies-R-Us and/or Amazon ships to you, please let me know and I’ll enter you for just the gift-card and/or book drawing! [Pretty sure Amazon ships book almost anywhere unless you live in Antartica. [As an aside, if you’re reading from Antartica a) Sorry! and b) Please say hi! How cool to have a reader from Antartica!] If you read but are not one to enter give-aways, say hi anyways because knowing who is reading makes my day 🙂 

**Updated: Many of you have said that its hard to leave a comment, I think google is acting funny with comments, if you try to leave it using the “Name/URL” option, hopefully it will work? Please let me know if you’re having issues!
*** UPDATED to add that since its Mem Day weekend and I have family in town- will update the winners on Tuesday!!!

Contest ends midnight EST May 28- seven years from the day I began blogging!

55 thoughts on “Birthdays, Blogoversaries, give-aways and delurk-n-say-hi?****”

  1. Aisha, I'm heading to Orlando in June for a couple weeks. You guys should visit us in NY some time. 🙂 We live like 3 hrs from everything, NYC, Boston. 🙂


  2. HEY THERE! Aisha, I love love love your blog entries and have been an avid reader siiinceee….I can't even remember 🙂 I'd love to enter your give-away contest, woo!


  3. I am delurking! I'd love to be entered into your giveaway, and I'm officially following now, though I have been for quite sometime unofficially 😀 So happy for you on Waleed's 1st birthday!


  4. I think Blogger ate my comment. drat! Well, congratulations on surviving baby's first year. Happy mommy's day! Congrats on your blogiversary! I'd love to enter your awesome giveaway. I follow you on blogger and I'll link you on my website too. 🙂


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