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Things I fail to understand

Why the non organic grapes at Whole Foods [since they are mysteriously always out of the organic sort] cost approximately three dollars more per pound than the same exact grapes from the same exact country in the same exact packaging located down the street at Kroger. Were the Whole Foods grapes brought in on organic trucks driven by organic drivers? What makes the same exact grapes worth 300% more than the grapes down the road.

And for that matter why is most of the produce at Whole Paycheck Foods not organic but conventionally grown but with prices so jacked up you could, in a hurry, presume them organic only to be truly paying triple the price for the privilege of carrying your food in a Whole Foods bag? For a store that makes its living marketing the benefits of organic- they have a funny way of showing it.

Why my son refuses the waffle on his tray tossing each piece onto the floor while staring at me in horror as though I tried feeding him an [organic] koala bear in all its cute glory but thirty minutes later when placed on the floor will make a beeline for those very waffle pieces on the kitchen floor as if its an elusive delicacy he’s waited for all his life? Is there something in the tiles that adds the extra oomph of flavor?

How this same child, of the 25th percentile in weight, can eat six ounces of carrots, three wings, an entire stick of mozzarella cheese, and a bowl of mango all in one sitting and then stare at me as I eat my banana with a pitiful look because I’m meanest. momma. ever for not sharing. We debate constantly on whose nose or eyes or chin he has, but that metabolism? Aint mine.

How he can walk- and fall- and stand up again- only to walk. and fall. again. And repeat this with a smile on his face for one-hour straight on hardwood floors and ceramic tiles but- upon tumbling on the soft fescue sod in the backyard screams as though we tossed him in a fire pit.


The transition from walking to running isn’t supposed to span three days is it? K’s mother said he never really walked much- just sort of stood up one day and started running. I chalked it up to parental hyperbole that cemented into memory, but no, I am documenting it here- yes- he is in fact running. Zombie-like. Tumbling every ten steps. But running nonetheless. How are my days of outrunning him  numbered- when he’s only eleven months old?

17 thoughts on “Things I fail to understand”

  1. Danny did the same thing! He ran before he walked properly. D also love to eat off the floor, when he decides to eat, which is very rare.


  2. All organic food has a stamp of organic on it, by law.

    I wish Viktor would eat, sheesh. I can't get him to eat enough. I am going to keep him on formula for a while after 12 months.


  3. Well, organic food is questionable and one of the reasons is that to keep up with the demand, the industry has heavily relied on importers.
    And there is a lesson in Waleed's walking- and falling- and standing up again- only to start walk again 🙂


  4. Snort. Laughed all the way through this. Granted, i won't be laughing so much in another 4 months when Henry makes his first mad dash for autonomy, but still – excellently fun post.


  5. Mystic, I like their fresh fish, I find it better there, but otherwise its just not worth it. You can go to a regular grocery store's organic aisles and get better deals any day.

    C, lol, so its a kid thing I guess! 🙂

    E, yep- they also used to [Whole Foods] label their non-organic as conventional, but they don't do that anymore at my local one- and to find the organic you really have to search to make sure the label is there- when 80% of the produce is not organic though- its fishy.

    Kmina, I know 😦 It's so hard to know what to do with the whole situation. I mean, the best thing is to grow your own stuff, buy from local farmers, but its not always possible.

    A, yes- almost none of the food was local, mostly from South America. And yes- I wish I had Waleed's fortitude. I am not so strong- sometimes after one fall, I want to just sit down and rest for a good long while lol 🙂


  6. Wait, your Whole Foods carries non organic produce?!? I paid $8 for some peppers last week and almost offered to pay with a kidney instead of my credit card. And yet, that's the closest grocery store so at least once every week, I find myself there for their ridonkluous prices and their delicious pre-made soup 🙂


  7. Azmina, WAIT, your Whole Foods, DOESN'T??? Really?? IF it doesn't say “organic” on it, then its not organic- and I confirmed that with the clerks there- and I'd say 75-80% of the food at my local one is non-organic but sold at organic prices. Boggles the mind! [their pre-made soup is kidney worthy though, lol!]


  8. regarding the waffle situation, louise hates sitting in her high chair, she would gladly eat anything off the floor over having to be strapped tot that torture device… come to think of it, she'd probably prefer to eat anything off of the floor at anytime over eating off of any other surface, anyway, maybe w doesn't care for his chair either?


  9. Does Louise cry in the chair? He is pretty happy while in it- but yeah, lol I guess the floor is just more exciting since its forbidden? Btw- he's also started climbing on things to reach for things, like you warned. I baby proof as I go, lol 🙂


  10. (I'm with you on the price of foods at Whole Foods — I don't understand and I don't like paying for the name!) As for the walking to running: so cute and amazing! I remember feeling the exact same way when both my kids did the same thing. It's so fun to watch their excitement! Are your days of outrunning him numbered: no question! I've been trying to keep up for *years*!


  11. Kate, aw that's tough. hmm…. maybe a booster chair without the tray and put her up to the table to eat? So at least she's eating off the table not the floor?

    Stacey- I haven't captured this on video yet!!! I need to, thank for the reminder!

    Julia, thanks for your expert advice on my outnumbered days, lol. Glad you can relate with me on Whole Foods!!! 🙂


  12. That's funny that your Whole Foods is always out of the organic stuff. I end up going to several grocery stores a weekend b/c inevitably, Whole Foods has no organic strawberries, and Bear can eat them by the bucket. I asked someone at WF about it, and she said that the organic strawberry crop in CA is suffering right now, and they only get a few crates at a time. So, needless to say, we're eating the chemical laden stuff right now.

    With food, Bear will decide that she is done, and the minute that I decide to reward the dog with some of her food, Bear decides that she actually did want to eat it and tantrums and craziness ensue.


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