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Happy Eleven Month Birthday

Dear Waleed,

On Thursday you turned eleven months old. This time last year your Abu and I walked around our neighborhood taking in the cool evening breeze while you kicked and swam inside me and now? Now you bounce in your ergo squealing and chattering- about to turn one years old. What a difference a year makes in the life of someone so small.

You are growing like a weed with this month the busiest one of huge developmental milestones. We say thali bajao– your face beams like you stole serious wattage from the sun- and you clap. It seems like such a small thing but its huge because its authentic communication with you. You also wave good-bye, drum your fingers against your lips and then laugh at the sounds that come out. Oh and you began walking.  The week before you inexplicably began crawling at times with arms and legs raised off the ground- like a crab. Then one day, you stood up, and took your first steps. I squealed at the top of my lungs and promptly burst into tears, while you? You glanced back at me as though to say what? this? its about time really.

You are the center of our universe- and you know it. If we turn from you for an instant during our dinner conversations, you bang the table, grunt or squeal, demanding we not forget that all eyes should properly be focused on you. You babble with purpose now, raising your voice, inflecting your tone, and always demanding more food. You love to eat. You have tried it all. Chicken Tikka. Pad See Ew. Fettuccine Alfredo. Despite the fact that you still have no teeth, you eat without hesitation.

Despite all the eating you remain thin as a rail. I think its because you are perpetually in motion. Climbing over blankets, opening dressers, drawers, cabinets, sliding behind the sofa, banging on the tables. We went to your dadi ami’s house this month where you played with your cousins and where  you shot up the stairs in thirty seconds flat and then requesting a ski lift [i.e. us] to bring you down so you could do it again. I love it though- that you entertain yourself so thoroughly, so much so I’ve relented and given you your own kitchen cabinet so you are free to pull out containers and lids, examining each as though you have in fact unearthed the dead sea scrolls.

While you are fully mobile, and ever curious and exploring, you never refuse my kisses or hugs. If I want to scoop you up from a game of bang the ducky on the wall, and just hold you tight and not let go, you smile and oblige. At night after pajama and diaper changes, you crawl up to me and kiss me, wrapping your arms around my neck and rest your head on my shoulder- surrendering to sleep in the sweetest of ways. When you’re older, learning Calculus and driving cars, I’m pretty sure this is what I will miss most.

Years ago your Abu and I bought a house. I wanted the benefits of home ownership like no wall-to-wall neighbors, covered parking, and space. I really wanted to buy a house. Then we bought a house. And while it is all those things, its a lot of work with falling dishwashers and squatting squirrels which are your responsibility not that of some elusive landlord because the buck stops with you.  I was afraid parenting might be similar; rosy in theory but when you realize that here too, the buck stops with you alone, you might look back with wistfulness at what was. This hasn’t happened. Not during late night rocking, or poopy explosions, or inconsolable tears, the vacations we no longer take, the late night coffee shops we no longer frequent- and while yes there are days that are difficult  there has not been a single day I have glanced backwards missing what once was. Nope. There has yet to be a moment I have ever felt anything other than overwhelmingly blessed to be your mother.


Your Mama

25 thoughts on “Happy Eleven Month Birthday”

  1. Your letters to your son are always so touching, beautiful, and heart warming. Whenever i read them, i feel like crying. They are just so sweet! Wow! He's growing up so much mashallah! Gotta love that innocent smile! =D

    Stay smiling, keep praying! Xoxo! =)


  2. A, thanks so much as always. I know you only through the comments you leave but you feel like my friend as time goes by alhamdullilah 🙂

    Muslimah, awww you're so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words about my son. Thanks for reading and your comment 🙂


  3. Aww, Aisha I cannot say this enough, your son is simply adorable, MashaAllah. I loved reading your heartfelt letter as well. =)

    Happy Birthday Waleed! May Allah bless you, keep you happy and healthy, and in His protection always.


  4. Happy birthday, Waleed!
    You are surely getting more handsome every day. ;-)And apparently extremely busy.

    Just one question: when have these ELEVEN months have passed? When??


  5. Sara, thank you so much for your kind words!

    Kmina, that is what I'd like to know! Too fast no?? hope your little guy is well.

    Tauqeer. Ameen, thank you so much!

    Susan, aw that's always nice to hear 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    E, thanks 🙂

    Julia, early mom days and later mom days aren't that far apart are they? I feel like this moment might last forever but I just have to look at this year to know it wont. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  6. Brought tears to my eyes! Happy 11 months, Waleed! (And Aisha, I can't wait until you have a book in print for me to buy and read!)


  7. Happy 11th month Waleed! Aisha, your son is adorable. Thin as a rail? see D then you'll know what thin means lol..

    Sorry I have been a bad commenter. Was away and unwell.


  8. Simeen- aw thanks!!! 🙂 Insh'Allah the good vibes you gave me with this comment will go a long way to a book in print 🙂

    C, I'm sorry to hear youv'e been unwell. hope you're better now 😦

    Aramelle, aw thanks for sharing, your comment means a lot 🙂


  9. Yup, that's motherhood for you — the hardest, yet the best, thing I've ever been blessed with or done!

    Sweet letter as usual. And he looks so cute Mashallah in that picture.


  10. On a completely unrelated note, have you ever watched Little Mosque on the Prairie (the Canadian show). I've had various thoughts on it over the years, but mostly I've enjoyed it and I'm so pleased that it's lasted this long (it's been renewed for a sixth season). Just curious if you have ever watched it and had any thoughts on it…



  11. Aw A 🙂

    Baraka, can't wait for our kiddos to meet insh'Allah. Lots of cheek pinching will ensue I am certain 🙂

    Rasha, aw thanks 🙂 Glad you like these letters. I've watched a few episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie on youtube so haven't been able to get the true effect- but what I did see had made me laugh. Glad to hear its still going on. I just wish it was a little less “risque” [at least the episodes I saw involved adult topics] because I'd love to watch it wit hthe whole family.


  12. Beautiful! One year seems so long in the beginning and so short in the end.

    To answer one of your questions from an earlier post, don't be afraid of the second year. I have loved it even more than the first, if this is possible. I found that in Year 2, I was into the groove of being someone's mother now, and I could really sit back and enjoy it. Sure there are temper tantrums and hitting and even a little heart break when your toddler turns away from you in favor of friends, but it is all wonderful.

    Happy 11 months, Waleed!


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