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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. I’ve decided its time to get serious about my sweet-tooth. This isn’t the first time I’ve decided this- but the first time with a ten-month-old watching me eat a bowl of ice-cream [and not one of the three ingredient variety, more of the high-fructose corn-syrup type]. So the next two weeks? sugar-free. Simple sugar- white rice, bread, and pasta-free and let me tell you its not going to be easy.  Still, I felt motivated this morning as I woke up- I can do this, I told myself. A slice of whole wheat toast and a cup of tea to start the day. Waleed on my hip, I headed downstairs, and saw this:

Are you kidding me? Emptying out the pantry the other day I found a box of brownies days from expiring so promptly baked them. [Can’t let perfectly good brownies go to waste can we?] I asked K to take it to work because leaving the whole tray at home would be like putting an alligator in a room filled with koala bears and telling him not to take a bite. It’s hard. I appreciate his gesture to leave me one since he’s aware of my adoration of all things chocolaty- but of all the days. I’ve heard life keeps presenting you the same test until you pass it. Seeing the brownie on the breakfast table I thought: I could eat it and start tomorrow. And someone might bake cookies Saturday. Or cake Sunday. There will always be a test. May as well go about trying to pass it now. And while this doesn’t mean I won’t ever eat sweets again, good food is the spice of life, today, I abstained. Will I ultimately succeed? Don’t know. Fighting an addiction, even one of the legal sort, is never easy. But I did today. And that’s something.

Two. I didn’t focus on the brownie too long as I plopped Waleed in the car and headed to my local Asian store to do some shopping with a mom’s group. Sunny raved about her MOMs club and though she lives on the other end of the country, I learned there was an equally cool local chapter here with kids Waleed’s age and down-to-earth engaging mamas. So I was excited to put the pedal to the metal and shop and have the kiddos play after. Except, I went to the wrong one. Apparently my ‘local asian market’ is a national multibillion dollar franchise with seven locations in a ten mile radius from me. Now I know. Waleed had a blast looking at cactus and other things I did not know were edible. As I put away my groceries I was struck by the visual before me. Soy sauce next to Marinara next to Wasabi next to Spanish chilies and daal and Thai Red Curry paste and I thought to myself how lucky I am to live here in a multicultural society. To have the world’s palate within arm’s reach. It’s a privilege not everyone has. And the thought of a life lived without sushi? Hush now. So much beautiful about living in the United States, and my pantry and all it represents? One of the most beautiful things of all.

Three. As much as I love being a mother, wouldn’t trade it for a million brownies, some days are just hard. Today was one of those days. Waleed alternated between crying for reasons that eluded me despite peek-a-boo, mashed bananas [flung in my face], sippy-cups [flung in my face], and the emptying of my entire filing cabinet filled with five-years worth of carefully saved documents. When working, there were days I stared at the clock- waiting for quitting time. It rarely happens now but today I found myself staring at the clock- waiting for shift-sharing, when K would come home and help. As the evening neared Waleed, clutching a stuffed yellow bird K got me years ago as a very random-long-story gift, crawled up to me and banged on my arm. Yes, ducky, I said.


I just about shot up from the couch. What did you say?

Du-uh-ucky, he grinned a toothless smile. Du-du- duck-ee. 

While it seems to have been a ‘one-show’ performance and while upon closer examination I realized said duck is not a duck but a chick- he said ducky and in that instant gave me a glimpse of the child he will be, the person he might become. And just like that this otherwise difficult day goes down as one of the best of my life. [I guess now ‘ducky’ along with my sandals will be on the short-list of things I won’t be donating- ever.]

So in sum: uneaten brownies, playdates to come, international cuisine, and duckie- best. Thursday. ever. Hope you had a great day too.

9 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Susan, thanks 🙂 Yes- no repeat performance of ducky but very cool! 🙂

    A, lol, yeah me too on most days- and no guarantees about sticking with it- just gonna try, lol 🙂


  2. Great post! Sugar is my weakness, too (I blame it on the fact that I hail from Hyderabad, land of sweets SO sweet they make your teeth ache!). Once, starting in Ramadan, I stopped eating sugar– it was hard at first but after the first week or so I really felt amazing. Too bad I fell off the wagon… your post makes me want to try again! Good luck to you. You'll feel great once your body adjusts.
    Oh and DUCKY! Well done, Waleed 🙂


  3. Thanks Anon 🙂

    Simeen- I think most Punjabi desserts consist of sugar, butter, fried up and then topped with sugar, lol. So I can relate to that! Its the adjusting part that's hardest. Do you drink chai Simeen? How do you manage to drink it without sugar? I use Splenda but it sort of defeats the purpose. lol


  4. I do drink chai, way more now that I'm married (at least a cup or two daily, whereas I used to be a few cups a week). I also use Splenda, and I guess when you're used to it, it tastes good but I will admit to splurging and using sugar once in a while 🙂


  5. I go out of town and get away from the internet for a few days, and miss Three Beautiful Things Thursday!

    About two weeks ago, frustrated with ttc and ovulation issues, I resolved to stop eating sugar and unrefined carbs and I threw out all of my standard skin and hair care products, certain that carbohydrates, parabens, and phlatelets were the problem. Needless to say, my resolve to stay away from sugar didn't last very long. I hope you are doing better than I did!


  6. Simeen- mash'Allah you can afford all the sugar you want! 🙂 lol yeah- I guess its like Diet Coke- I've had it for so long I actually prefer it! Maybe splenda? I do'nt know- I just hesitate with chemicals lately [post forthcoming] and wonder if I should just use the real thing if I must- a teaspoon after all? or is it the addict talking, lol.

    Raising, I'm doing OKAY. Not great to be honest- its a work in progress I guess. My biggest road block is my morning tea- where if I don't have sugar it doesn't taste right- and I've had morning tea since I was 16. Sigh. Old habits die hard.


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