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Life Pre and Post Baby [or why I now wish I was seven feet tall]

We went to the grandparents this past weekend and while I’ve written before about the differences pre-and-post baby vacationing, I figured a 3.5 hour drive for a weekend trip should be cake to pack for. Wrong.

Pre-baby trip to in-laws: two outfits, book, toothbrush.

Post-baby trip to in-laws grandparents: four outfits since baby will destroy two, diapers, wipes, books, bibs, baby food, spoons, sippy cup, disposable changing pads, car seat, stroller, playpen, blankets, elmo chew toy, alternate chew toys for when he chucks primary chew toy, rattle, nursing cover, baby Tylenol. [and I forgot to bring my toothbrush didn’t I?]

From doubling driving time to insane diaper horrors incidents en-route, a baby makes traveling different but looking around my house today I realized I’m not seeing the full picture- a baby [particularly a mobile one] changes everything one subtle thing at a time:

 Pre-baby trash can
Post baby trash can
 Pre-baby laundry basket

 Post-baby laundry basket

 Pre-baby recyclables

you know, in the recycling bin
Post-baby recyclables
Living rooms are perfectly acceptable spots for recyclables. right?
 And the reason its all so completely totally 100% worth turning my house into a recycling plant/home for ‘bending-averse’ individuals:
Yep this trashcan loving ‘raccoon wannabe‘ baby boy: totally. worth. it. 
[Just me? Or can anyone relate?]

21 thoughts on “Life Pre and Post Baby [or why I now wish I was seven feet tall]”

  1. 🙂 Anon

    Banshee, oh yeah? Just wait! Life will get very interesting!!! I still need to baby proof my house- the problem is with the garbage can- even if I put osme sort of lock on it, he knocks it down on its side and starts trying to use it as a “walker” of sorts. Its hilarious- and messy.


  2. I totally relate. The most heated debate taking place in our house now a days is 'where to keep our water purifier next?” We already kept it at a height to keep it out of D's reach. But he has grown taller, as I realized yesterday when I saw half the water from the purifier on the floor!


  3. Oddly enough, your pictures look an awful lot like things we must do to keep our cats out of things they should/must not get into. We were just laughing about this last week when we had to put the salad bowl in the microwave for safe keeping while we ate dinner in the dining room. And our trash can requires a pad lock and its own security system (practically).

    I'm glad the cats don't have opposable thumbs! Or a human-sized brain 🙂 On the other hand, they do have the ability to make vertical leaps which are about 6 times their height and tiny pea brains which can be hard to reason with…


  4. AW- aw thanks for your kind words 🙂

    C- life will never be the same again, first the purifier, and then- who knows? lol

    Ash, and he's not independently walking yet- so yes- I can only imagine!!

    Susan, thanks 🙂 And yes- Henry is just a few months away from this fun too, lol.

    Kmina, thanks 🙂

    Cheryl, that IS exactly how our house is becoming!!! I thought it was just me, lol.

    Cylinda- Waleed is pretty much a cat- save the opposoble thumbs, and the ability to leap [thank God- though it doesn't stop him from trying]. When it comes to reasoning- he is still more on the cat side of the animal chain than human. But its funny you said that because at this phase of his development its pretty much like having a puppy, he even wags his butt and sticks his tongue out.


  5. So very true! I can't wait to just put something out in the house and not worry that it might be dangerous for the babies or that the babies might destroy it. And I can't wait to travel without worrying about car seats. And the bag…will there ever come a day when I can leave the house without the fear that a monster poo will ruin an outing?


  6. Thanks A 🙂

    Fatima, I leave my bag more and more these days simply because its too much of a chore- BUT only when I know my roundtrip will be one hour or less. Yes- babies change EVErYTHING don't they, lol.

    Mystic, He's nearly 11 months old and not a tooth in sight! 😦


  7. LOVE the pictures! Fortunatley, our dog forced us to baby-proof our house long before Bear, so we didn't have too many adjustments to make.

    Also, one word about long car trips: Nighttime. Sweet dreams for him and peace and quiet for you!


  8. Raising, yes from friends with animals- apparently tbaies and pets get into the same types of trouble, lol.

    Nighttime does work but then it involves getting home so late! 😦 That's the biggest drawback. But yes- he does sleep most of the time.


  9. Oh, yes, I can relate. A weekend out of town used to involve one suitcase thrown into the back of the car. The one weekend out of town we've done with Z involved searching for enough room to fit everything.


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