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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. Now that Waleed’s older and I no longer need to pack the equivalent of a suitcase bound for a two-week trip to Russia for a simple run to the grocery store, I’m pulling out my old purses finally able to contemplate using them again. If you’ve been reading a while you know I’m slightly obsessed with purses. I can’t explain it; I’m not a big shopper, but there’s something about a cute purse that makes me feel like a giddy schoolgirl. Clearing out my diaper bag today I came across a crumpled receipt from a DC-area desi restaurant I went to with my dear friend Tracy and her little boy. Usually, no matter how bad a desi restaurant, the tandoori naans are buttery fresh and delicious. Not so here. The first batch they bought resembled cardboard. Correction: Buttered cardboard. So I requested more naan, please. And then we waited. And waited. Finally, I flagged down a waiter scurrying past us and asked again: more naan please? Nada. Finally, I went to the attendant, once again, requesting for more naan please?!? resulting in a surly waiter tossing a basket of naans on our table. And the bill:

Is this such a chronic issue they created a key for it? A passive-aggressive move to mock me? Or did they simply want me to know I was heard? I don’t get it but it made me laugh then and it makes me smile now.

Two. I love going to the grocery store. There is a meditative quality in gliding ones cart down the aisles looking over all the possibilities that can be. I don’t go nearly as much now, asking K to pick up items on his way from work instead. But yesterday the weather was nice, the ginger was in short supply and my recipe needed three hours of marinating before dinner so I packed up the kiddo and we went grocery shopping and I remembered how fun it is to be there. Now, I’m not sure if its because I’m writing a manuscript so am a walking critic lately, or because I’m a momma to a young-and-tender lad but this description on the bag of frozen peas made me stand and stare for a good minute:

And while I realize its neither here nor there, I just had to ask: Is it just me or is that strange word-choice to describe frozen peas?

Three. In a departure from levity I must admit I’m a bit stressed out lately. Nothing in itself is really that serious, but sometimes problems as small as snowflakes can start piling up until you feel you’re staring into an impending avalanche. When I get really stressed out I begin daydreaming of condo-living or moving to San Francisco [because for some reason I feel like everything is always happy there- and if I can only just make it there I will never have any worries again, ever]. Today I read this quote: Bloom where you are planted. Such a simple phrase and yet it shook me. This is my life. Things aren’t perfect- but they aren’t perfect anywhere [even in San Francisco. I think]. I can choose to look at my life and focus on the difficulties and stressful situations and let them overtake me- or I can choose to look at my blessings. Tonight, as I nursed my son to sleep, instead of reading a book or checking my e-mail I closed my eyes in the dim light of his room and simply counted my blessings. My sight. My ears. My toes. My son. A roof over my head. Food to eat. A soft bed to land upon. Friends who love me. I lost count, my son asleep in my arms before I could finish counting all that I am thankful for- I doubt I can ever truly finish counting them.Β  Its cliche- its banal and trite- and yet- there is so much to be thankful for- and the best way to show my gratitude is to bloom where I’m planted- to make the best of what I’ve been given and be aware that I’ve been given a lot. And while this does not make the world icecream and cupcakes, rainbows and sunshine- it helps a little- and some days, that’s enough.

Purses. Memories. Meditating in the grocery aisles. And gratitude. So much gratitude. All in all a very beautiful Thursday indeed. Hope you had a beautiful day.

22 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Its the small things in life that makes it beautiful. And you had to talk about naan!! now am hungry.

    Not having a good day here. Just heard my little dog (who is 12 years old) is not well. She is dying and am hurting so bad…trying to forget about it and reading stuff. your blog helped a little.


  2. C- I'm sorry about your dog- thta is so sad 😦 Thinking of you.

    Maleeha, we might be coming in Nov for work/play [K will work, I will play, lol] you still in the bay area?

    E, I know!My goodness!


  3. Mezba, lol- I am guilty of the same with your blog- a regular reader but rare commenter. Should get around to fixing that but hey- at least we're still in touch πŸ™‚

    Kmina, I know- I wish I HAD asked them. LOL

    Raising, thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚


  4. LOL! I forgot about that receipt. That was soooo weird. The naan wasn't the best I'd had, but I was definitely less critical of the food in general than you were since I don't know better what's “good” and what's “bad”. I liked it fine. Now I'm in the mood for that carrot cake tasting stuff and those orange colored batter fried onion things. (Hee hee… I don't even know the names of the dishes. Geez.)


  5. Tracy, I know, we differed on our opinion on how the food was at the restaurant- I think its like how I rave about certain Korean places and then Korean folks I know stare at me in horror that I like THAT. I'm a desi food snob I guess, lol πŸ™‚ Next time lets try El Salvadoran food!


  6. Bwahahaha too funny about the naan. I think the naan in PK and also some places in Dubai tastes better because there are places where you can get whole wheat flour with just a touch of refined flour for softness, plus varieties like roghni naan and qandahaari naan. Like, there is this Lahori naan that tastes like a New York City street vendor soft pretzal. It is the best in the universe. Over here (at least in my parts) it seems it is all refined flour that tastes great when fresh but turns into a paapar after half an hour. I really should learn to make whole wheat naan at home.

    I totally know what you mean about the toddler paraphernalia, I am still at that point with my girls.


  7. Fatima- I've never been fortunate enough to eat naan in Pakistan- I anticpate the day thanks to your descriptons!

    'Chantilly, glad you liked it πŸ™‚

    Mezba, A- this is on my list of places to visit for certain!

    Tauqeer πŸ™‚


  8. What a great post! πŸ™‚

    The “Young & Tender” never struck me before…but now I can't help but think how odd it is…

    And SF is pretty nice – I definitely want to visit again!


  9. “the best way to show my gratitude is to bloom where i'm planted” -awesome thought, awesome quote, and right when i needed to read it. thank you! and you've given me food for blogging!


  10. Sorry Aisha, just saw your reply. Yup, still in the Bay Area! Live about 40 mins from San Fran, though I go there every day for work.

    I think Jibril, Waleed, and Rumi should totally get together for a play date when you're here! Omg, how cute would that be? πŸ™‚


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