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Friday Round-Up Linkety Link

The fooding: Yen shared this troubling piece on genetically modified food and how we are eating more and more of it each day without even realizing it as the article states that nearly 80% of the food in supermarkets are genetically modified.

The parenting: And on that note- this post questioning the chemicals in diapers and its effects on our babies was something I never really thought about but now can’t stop thinking about. Disposals make life so easy but as much as I worry about what’s going IN my baby I should perhaps also be equally focused on what goes ON my baby.

The babies: Murgdan posted a picture of our kiddos together at the bookstore we met up at for coffee- and I’m slightly distressed by the fact that my son is tugging at her son’s sleeve urging him to go forth and destruct with him [trust me, he was. I was there]. Makes me realize yet again how different life will be once this kid is 100% mobile.

The Books: Since I recently wrote about plagiarizing and copying without consent, this news story of a lawsuit pending against Stockett, the author of the bestseller, The Help, caught my eye. Aibilene Clark is suing Stockett for using her life in her story. While I typically side with authors on matters like these, the the similarities listed are disturbing. I know writers take inspiration from life, but she could have at least made it less obvious she was writing about this lady. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to read your most private moments in a book for the world to see.

The blogging: I wrote about my thoughts on being termed a ‘Mommy Blogger’ some time ago and this post by Her Bad Mother about why she does not like the term but owns it nonetheless had me nodding throughout.

The creativity: I’ve restarted the 365 Project at Flickr [its an experiment- may stick with my blog if its simpler, time will tell] and love this post by Ali Mattu on connecting his photography project with cognitive therapy as well as very practical tips on actually completing the project. This is a beautiful read even if you’re not planning to do the 365 project.

The ‘laugh to keep from crying‘: Love that the Egyptian people maintained their humor with these posters while creating revolution in their nation- like Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity- except for real.

The spiritual: Baraka shared this about people ‘unmosque’ing’ due to the challenges faced attending their local mosques- particularly women. It made me quite emotional to read.

Meanwhile, at my other blog: As most of you know I began a writing blog where I’m writing about, well, writing– and updating book reviews too. My first two posts are about my guilt about Border’s bankruptcy and tips on finding time to write post-baby. Thanks y’all for your encouragement- and for the follows y’all are truly awesome. [and apparently when I feel sentimental and gushy I say y’all. A lot.]

Happy Friday y’all! Thoughts? Any cool links you found this week? 

8 thoughts on “Friday Round-Up Linkety Link”

  1. I love your linkety link!
    Food – I am pretty sure that my friend just emailed me this article. She reads my blog. Perhaps she lurks here too? But yes, the food situation in our country is disgusting. Since my daughter has a fairly serious food allergy, I do my best to keep certain foods out of her diet. I try to buy vegetables and meat – you know, stuff with none or limited ingredients. But, if I'm worried about GMOs, then I'm in trouble there too!
    Diapers – let me know if you ever decide to switch. I should write a blog post about it, because I've written book-like emails for friends about my thoughts about the best way to go about it.
    The Help – I loved this book, and I cannot believe that the author is being sued!
    Your blog – Checking it out!


  2. Raising, the same exact article? It's from our local newspaper here but I guess its accessible anywhere when its online, lol, weird coincidence though! I woul dlove to hear a blog post on diapers! What did you end up doing?!


  3. Ify, I loved your post- thank you for writing it. I wrote about my emotions about masjids some years back:

    Essentially its like the U2 song “I'd break bread and wine if there was a church I could receive in.” and right now with the penalty box women's seating, the judgmental stares and glares, the intolerance and lack of encouragement for honest disccourse and dialogue- I just don't go anymore. And I miss it. And I wish it didn't have to be this way. Now that I have a son- the longing for a community center is stronger- and yet what to do when they are as inhospitable as they are?


  4. Yes, the same article. I didn't click on it at first, because I didn't recognize the site, which is why I wonder if she's lurking here as well. As for the diapers, we use Bum Genius, one-size, all-in-ones (the organic version), which is a mouthful, I know. Since we started using ours, Bum Genius has changed the name, but I think that it is essentially the same diaper. But oh, there is so much more to cloth than this…


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