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On walking. And the lack thereof.

I thought I’d be a neurotic parent much like I was a neurotic pregnant person looking up not just baby center’s “your baby this week” but every other space touting such information even if it was or something equally scientifically sound all the while coaxing my baby to wiggle and kick by ingesting orange juice by the buckets just to make sure he was okay. But now that he’s here I’m a lot more laid back than I thought I’d be when it comes to developmental milestones like crawling, and rolling, and walking- I just think he’ll pick it up when he’s good and ready to at his own pace and while its awesome to see him reach his milestones I’m not angst-filled if he’s not surpassing each and every one of them.

Which is why the walking drama is interesting.

Apparently walking is a very big deal and something we’re asked by family on a nearly daily basis with great cause for concern: Is he walking yet? Why isn’t he walking yet? Have you practiced today? You really have to work with him and teach him.Β 

While I cant wait for the day my child takes his first steps I’m barely keeping pace with his crawling and if he wants to wait on walking- I’m okay with that. Besides, he’s nine months old. While maybe there is some nine-month-old whiz kid out there currently running laps in knee high socks and Nikes, its not like Waleed is behind if he’s not walking. Though we know the reminders and sincerely voiced concerns day-after-day about why isn’t he walking come from a place of love, K decided it was time to address the situation:

G: Any progress in the walking?
K: No, still crawling.
G: You guys should set aside time each day to teach him how to walk.
K: I know- I’m so angry with him.
G: Angry?
K: Yes. I tell him to walk, and he just won’t listen. We’re so disappointed. I mean, how hard is it to walk? What is with him?
G: No- wait- don’t be disappointed in him!
K: But why is he being so lazy? Why won’t he just walk?
G: Plenty of kids don’t walk yet! These things take time and he’ll learn when he’s good and ready to! Stop pressuring him!

Redirecting a grandparent’s concern into a grandparent’s tiger love for their grandkid in a matter of thirty seconds. I wish I knew how he did it.

18 thoughts on “On walking. And the lack thereof.”

  1. What a cute picture! We didn't encourage walking at all (and when people asked, I jokingly said that every time she stood up I knocked her down to intentionally discourage it). The week after her first birthday, she decided to walk, and never looked back. We never once practiced. Oh, and when people tell you that your life will change once you have a walker, they really mean OH HOLY HELL WILL YOUR LIFE CHANGE ONCE YOU HAVE A WALKER!


  2. Thanks Susan πŸ™‚

    Shawna, thanks ,and LOL what a funny story about how you were trying to encourage the oppposite with your little one (i.e. walking later)- man, your fnal words scare me but I he's such a handful now I can only imagine once he's on two feet!


  3. 98% kids walk after first Birthday. very few walk at 10 or 11 month.
    some folks just look for excuse to bug others.
    do not worry


  4. WHy the rush to walk? Everyone keeps asking me about Viktor's teeth. He doesn't have any but that doesn't stop some people from asking every single time they see him “Do you have teethies yet?”



  5. Anon πŸ˜‰
    Anon2: Yeah I've heard thes tats- its very normal to walk around your first birthday and even after- I'm not worried about it πŸ™‚
    E, I know!! And hey- W doesn't have teeth yet either?! I thought we were the only ones toothless at this stage of the game.
    Michele, thanks πŸ™‚ And thanks for letting me know, 15-16 months huh? What a large range there is!


  6. I agree with Michelle. Walking is one development milestone which has a prettly large range. I've known kids who didn't walk until they were 16 months old and they are/were absolutely fine. And once they start walking they get into EVERYTHING so enjoy the crawling stage while it lasts!



  7. Kmina- I call him the peaceful problem solver, lol πŸ™‚ Seriously- its not a big deal at all that they were so worried- but then it gets into OUR heads like, “wait- why isn't he walking” when we know its early still- but I know they meant well.

    Ash, lol, yes I am enjoying it- and I know these are famous last words, but he crawls into EVEYTHING right now- so what more ruckus could he cause two legged walking?!


  8. lol, hilarious post. I love the way Kashif dealt with it. My parents are concerned Rania hasn't gotten any teeth yet.

    I love the gummy smiles. I try not worry too much about her reaching milestones, but it's hard!


  9. Jamila, W is almost ten months old- and STILL not a single tooth, lol- I dont know when these supposed teeth will emerge- so don't worry, Rania is not behind πŸ™‚


  10. hahahaha!!! nice!! i am totally with you, all babies are different and waleed will walk when he's good and damn ready. i don't know if you read birds and squirrel's blog(, but her daughter just took her first steps at 14 month. it's not a big deal, they will walk when they want to and not a second before, it doesn't matter how much we coax and practice with them.


  11. 14 months huh? I'm telling you- its a blessing in disguise as they get into less trouble when they're not capable of running, lol. Seriously, can't wait for the day that Waleed is walking- but I'm in no hurry!


  12. Lol. When they're walking they have more levels to explore – with crawling it's just anything at ground level – with walking it'll be any/all bedside tables, coffee tables, dressers,desks i.e. basically anything in their reach. NOT to mention reaching for your laptop that happened to be on the bed, pulling the cord and dropping said laptop and causing damage to the hardisk. Sigh.



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