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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. We just came back from a trip to Miami to attend a friend’s wedding. While Waleed is always a giddy kid, on the plane? He’s so excited he can barely contain himself. Literally. He’s a squirmy, tongue-wagging puppy determined to befriend every single person on the plane. And while this alternative is preferable to a screeching hysterical baby in a contained space- a baby who becomes as squirmy as a wet guppy fish did leave me mildly exhausted. Still I’m fortunate he’s a good traveler and strolled happily through my brother’s Coconut Grove neighborhood [where we just, you know, casually, like its no big deal had brunch at the table next to Queen Latifah!!! who Waleed was also determined to befriend until he caught sight of his rarely revealed toes and proceeded to have his own unique brunch] Most trips with Waleed make me thrilled to quickly get back home, but this time- though its definitely more work traveling with a baby, it felt like we might slowly be getting the hang of it.

random lovely wall art while wandering CocoGrove

Two. I grew up in South Florida and spent most of my childhood weekends with my family at the beach. Once I could drive, I went myself finding a spot under a shade tree [hey I’m desi] and enjoying a solitary lunch as I watched the waves. The beach is a place for me to think, to people watch, to daydream, to center myself- sitting on a sandy shore watching the waves crash fills me with a particular sort of peace I can never fully replicate anywhere else. So naturally I couldn’t wait to take my son to the beach. To watch him take his first tender steps into the sand, to dip his feet in the salty sea.

Except- he hated it.

Like, any attempt to get him near the sand [which wasn’t hot] made him scream so loud and with such fury that people stared at us like we were dangling a koala bear upside down in heart-shaped boxers to a crowd of appreciative alligators. Which we so weren’t.

Still, it was nice to be at the beach, to see him wear his bucket hat, play with his aunt, and to know now while he’s too young to realize that South Beach is apparently cool with nude sunbathing and opt for more child-friendly beaches next time we visit.

The calm before the ‘feet touched sand’

Three. Unlike some people lucky enough to have family in the same city as them, its the three of us most of the time. Being with family reminds me that as much as he’s my son, he’s a nephew and a grandchild and so dearly and deeply loved. The wedding was ninety minutes north so we spent the night there and one of my brothers came up also to spend maximum time with us and to babysit Waleed once bedtime approached so we could enjoy the wedding. I wonder what it must be like to have family in town who you can lean on like this all the time. Still, so grateful we have this at all regardless of how many hours away it may be. I am so blessed that he is so loved- and I hope and pray he will grow up knowing the unconditional love of his extended family because I’m well aware that is something not everyone has and a gift you just can’t take for granted.

Mamu and Waleed

12 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. I live farrr away from my family..miss them so much..But My husbands family is HUGE and all live a phone call away arghhhhh….lol I love Waleed's pic with his Mamu. I love my brother to death and can't wait for D to make friends with him…Beautiful post as usual Aisha.


  2. We, too, live our everyday lives without any extended family. As much as I think it would be fantastic to have family nearby, I also think that having the distance makes us all really appreciate that time spent together.

    I love the pictures you've shared. Sorry that he hated the sand; isn't a downer when our plans for our little ones' outings aren't experienced by them the way we expected? At least he looked super adorable while hating the sand. LOL


  3. I'm glad the trip was nice. It must be so hard to be away from family! I'm so lucky that I have my mom and my MIL and tons of other family so close. I can't ever see us leaving South Florida because I'm pretty sure DH would die in weather below 60 degrees! Pixie


  4. C- Thanks, its so hard to live away from family sometimes, I never really felt that until I had a baby but I hope that D can meet his own Mamu soon!

    Aramelle, you are very right- as much as I miss it I also think perhaps its meant to be this way- at least we can appreciate one another even more when we see each other. Good point. 🙂

    Pixie, yes you're in SF I remember you saying once! I LOVE LOVE the weather lately BUT when it gets summer time- I want to be anywhere else! LOL


  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! We do not live near my family either, and a few hours from my husband's family, so it is a treat to for everyone to be together. I'm glad that you all got to enjoy that! Also, I'll bet that the next time you take Waleed to the beach, he'll love it. Bear wouldn't let her feet touch grass this summer or snow this winter, however, in the last few weeks, she's starting walking in snow. I think that new textures just take some getting used to.

    Love the pictures…


  6. I'm so glad you had such a great trip! I love reconnecting with family. I can't believe he didn't love the beach! It's my favorite place in the world! And how exciting to see the Queen! 😉


  7. Thanks Anon 🙂

    Raising, thanks for relating to me about the “new texture” issue with your baby- I think he was just flummoxed at the change in texture- hoping it will not stay the same, lol.

    Stacey, lol yes, the Queen! That's how I should phrase it from now on 🙂


  8. How does it feel to have help with the baby? 😉

    I think W will love building sand castles, it was just too different the first time, but he will come around, all children love sand.

    Is 'the queen' as gorgeous in real life? I really like her, especially since one hardly reads about her in the tabloids and such.


  9. sounds like you had a great trip.

    D was like that with grass at first, screamed like a banshee if we put him anywhere near it. He's all over it now though 🙂

    your little man is very cute.


  10. Here from ICLW. Your little one is ADORABLE! I loved all of your tips on sleeping and hearing about what you did with him. I'm glad you found things that worked. I know quite a few parents that I'll be directing here for some well thought through ideas!


  11. Kmina, the queen, lol. She looked a bit. . . tired which is why despite wondering if I could ask her to pose with my baby, I didn't think she'd be too amenable, lol! and its AMAZING to have help with the baby. . .

    Serendipity- thanks for giving me hope that he might like sand some day 🙂

    Erika, thanks :)) I'm glad to know that what I have here may be of help to someone! 🙂


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