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101*** things to do with my child

Unlike many expectant mamas who start decorating the nursery and stocking up on baby clothes well before the little one makes their debut, too aware of the things that could go wrong I felt hesitant to break out the paintbrush and the blue paint until I was certain all would be well [by which point I was way too busy with a newborn to get back to painting anything blue or otherwise]. Still, in one area I indulged: daydreaming of the things I would do with my little one once he arrived. Thus, this list. My hope is to capture each moment with a picture or memento and make a scrapbook for him to have always. I reached 91 before his birth but now am stuck, and since 101 sounds for some nonsensical reason, so much nicer than 91, I thought I’d share my list in case you wanted to make one too or found anything on here helpful and in the hopes you can give me suggestions to finish the list! Like my 101 in 1001 I plan to update from time-to-time here, its a birth to five years list, [though  I’m woefully behind on updating that list, come to think of it]. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

*** Thanks for all the awesome suggestions- adding them all to the list so you can also use them should you wish- I know I will be, and if you have any please share!***

101 things to do with you

1. Go to the zoo with you.
2. Read you bedtime stories.
3. Play hopscotch together.
4. Push you on the swings.
5. Go down the slides with you at the park.
6. Go for a bike ride.
7. Fly a kite.
8. Make cookies together. You can mix.
9. Go to Disney World
10. Play in the water with you
11. Sing you a lullaby
12. Color in a coloring book with you
13. Feed the ducks
14. Take you trick or treating
15. Blow out birthday candles with you
16. Play peek-a-boo
17. Face paint
18. Get you a balloon animal
19. Visit the Children’s Museum of Atlanta
20. Grow tomatoes together
21. Make pottery together
22. Jump on a trampoline
23. Make a sandcastle
24. Play hide and seek
25. Throw you a birthday party
26. Drive around to see Christmas lights
27. Go kayaking or a boat ride
28. Watch Mary Poppins
29. Watch Aladdin
30. Make sand art
31. Collect sea shells
32. Get a library card
33. Ice skate
34. Go sledding or snow tubing
35. Make a snow man
36. Grow a plant/flower together
37. Sing “You are my Sunshine” together
38. Dress you in shalwar kamiz
39. Celebrate Eid together
40. Pray with you
41. Take you on a play date
42. Get you a free cookie from Publix
43. Push you in the little “Car buggies” at the grocery store
44. Picnic in the park
45. Measure your height on the wall
46. Watch fireflies
47. Lie on the grass and figure out the shapes the clouds make
48. Show you the big and little dipper
49. Dress you up in a horribly embarrassing cute outfit
50. Take a formal family portrait with you
51. Go to a story time reading at the library
52. Eat elaborate ice cream Sundaes together
53. Visit the Georgia Aquarium
54. Run in the water at Centennial Olympic Park
55. Play Chutes and Ladders
56. Ski bowl
57. Go bowling
58. Try sushi with chopsticks (cooked sushi!)
59. Carve a pumpkin together.
60. Dance with you!
61. Frame your art work
62. Watch birds at our bird feeder
63. Make food animals with you
64. Roast marshmallows
65. Find Waldo
66. Teach you to ride a bike
67. Play mini-golf
68. Go to a circus
69. Play puppets with you
70. Make an alphabet book
71. Read nursery rhymes
72. Watch a waterfall
73. Jump in raked fall leaves
74. Learn your arabic alphabet
75. Make a puzzle with you
76. Get a DVD season of Sesame Street to watch together
77. Blow bubbles
78. Play Memory
79. Squeeze lemons/oranges for lemonade/orange juice
80. Play tic-tac-toe
81. Throw a frisbee
82. Jump rope
83. Walk on balance beams at the park
84. Make popsicles
86. Give you a bubble bath with a rubber ducky
87. Finger paint
88. Skip rocks in the lake
89. Visit NASA space center
90. Go fruit picking
91. Watch the moon for one whole moon cycle with pictures
92. Making play-doh creations [Susan]
93. Eating from the ice cream truck [Susan]
94. Run barefoot through the grass with you [Susan]
95. Climb a tree with you [Susan]
96. Take a train ride with you [A]
97. Visit an observatory [A]
98. Watch classic cartoons like Nemo and Lion King [A]
99. Have a lemonade stand [Marie]
100. Catch fireflies [Marie]
101. Go on a fishing trip [Marie]
102. Feed the ducks at the local lake [Marie]
103. Watch a play together [awomanmyage
104. Visit an art gallery [awomanmyage]
105. Make snow angels [awomanmyage]
106. Blow raspberries together [awomanmyage]
107. Go hiking together [Banshee
108. Build-A-Bear together [Banshee
109. Visit a farm/petting zoo [Banshee
110. Race sticks downstream [Banshee
111. Visit the state fair [Banshee
112. Plant flowers and watch them grow [Maria

26 thoughts on “101*** things to do with my child”

  1. I love this idea – specifically, the idea of turning it into a scrapbook with photos. Play-doh? eating ice cream or snow cones from the ice-cream truck? Running barefoot through grass together? Climbing trees?

    (Totally stealing this idea, since I never got around to painting anything blue, either…)


  2. I know you said watch fireflies, but how about catching them and putting them in a jar with holes poked in the lid. (then letting them out before you go to bed)

    Have/make a lemonaide stand!


  3. What a great idea! How would you feel about taking him to Build-a-Bear and making a fuzzy friend? Did I see hiking on the list? Or what about racing sticks in a creek – like Winnie-the-Pooh sticks? A state fair? Visiting a farm? Or did you have that…so many to read through!


  4. Hey if you are still looking for zipper footed pajamas for W, Old Navy has them for 10 bucks online. They also have nice summer pull off pant pajamas for 10 bucks too. They are too cute.


  5. Great idea!
    In my culture, we celebrate spring by giving ladies a tiny little lucky charm and of course spring flowers. I am now getting ready to make the little charms with my son and since we are far away, we are making 'spring cards' to send instead of flowers – photos of my little flower in a spring-y setting.
    For some reason, I love cards and I can't wait to make a whole lotta cards with my munchkin! We started the collection last Christmas.


  6. Stopping in for ICLW…I love this list!! I've been feeling a little misty-eyed lately at how quickly my babies are growing up, but maybe I've not been thinking about all the great moments that are ahead. Now, after reading this post, I can't wait for them to grow up a little more so we can go do such fun things!


  7. I love these! I have done most of these with my almost 4 year old. I also love to write and I'm quite impressed that you have an agent. What are your novels about? Happy ICLW! (#135)


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