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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. Since our carpet is old and our crawling kid thinks he’s a scavenger catfish, we’re getting new flooring and are considering hardwood. The choices are staggering: oak, maple, cherry, vertical or horizontal, 3/4 inch versus 5/16, solid versus engineered, glued directly to cement or installed on a floating subfloor. We’ve been a bit stressed out due to a number of things going kaput at the same time but when I think about a floating subfloor I can’t help but grin as I imagine a whimsical floor floating up and down upon marshmallow clouds. Who wouldn’t want a floor like that? Floating subfloor seems to also accurately describe my son’s fluid ever changing sleeping habits of late. As it turns out we don’t actually need a floating subfloor which is just as well since how could the real thing ever live up to the image in my mind’s eye? Still its nice to be getting new flooring and imagining the floating subfloors that might have been.  [Do you think hardwood wins over carpet any day? The cost difference is staggering and I kind of like carpet for its softness when a toddling child falls, but I’ve heard for resale hardwood is better].

Two. As I mentioned before I’m quite into Asian cooking lately [not my kind of Asian- ‘Kikkoman and Sriracha’ Asian]. I normally make Asian-inspired noodle dishes with Vermicelli but on my last trip to the local market I picked up rice noodles. Today I made my favorite chicken satay dish [just double the peanut sauce recipe, substitute chicken for beef, and add salt and pepper] and used the rice noodles. The ones I bought had no instructions and I almost boiled them the regular noodle way but luckily caught myself in time and asked Chef Google [who is way cooler than Doctor Google who is a bit of a hysterical the ‘sky is falling‘ sort].  As it turns out you don’t boil rice noodles, you sort of swirl them in hot water. The end result tasted like Pad Thai I’d pay decent money for at a restaurant. While rice noodles are way more work than simply tossing some wheat-based noodles in a pot of water- the end result? So worth it.

Three. We went to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party at The Little Gym. Waleed had so much fun and I realized I needed to make an extra effort to socialize him with other kids. I looked into my local play gym but the cost is a bit prohibitive [for me] at nearly $90/month for 45 minute once a week sessions but the local library has weekly storytime sessions for kids two and under [and free to boot]. I felt silly as I carried my nine-month-old baby into a room I imagined filled with roaming toddlers but to my surprise the packed room was full of kids exactly Waleed’s age. Though he spent the majority of time entrenched in a staring contest with a very adorable ten month old girl,  he laughed, he bounced, he wiggled at the songs, in short- he loved it. Will definitely be including this in our weekly rotation. Now if I can only figure out how to befriend the fellow mamas in the group so Waleed can make friends. I felt like I was at a dating mixer. I mean, how does one do this? What are the standard pick-up lines to find cool moms with nine-month-old-ish babies? [And ‘Murgdan‘- play date soon?!]

So in sum: floating subfloors [and new flooring in general], rice noodles, and libraries with potential playmates. A pretty fantastic Thursday indeed. Hope you had a beautiful day. 

15 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Your Thursday is already over? =/ Here it just startedd… it's 12:45 AM. I thought you lived in the US!! You don't? =/ Btww,, jazakillahkhair for sharing the recipee! I love noodles! =)


  2. I love hardwood floors! They're the only floors that get more – not less – beautiful with time & cleaning. They immediately add character to any room – plus you can put down beautiful rugs to add some color if you want. And while they may not be quite as forgiving to baby's first steps, they're WAY more forgiving to cleaning up baby's first accidents. With grape juice. Pee. Food. Muddy feet. So much cleaner, and cleaner feeling. Love wood floors!


  3. Muslimah- yes I live in the US 🙂 The timestamp is around midnight (I think?) so it was Thursday when this post went up. The post isn't about three beautiful things that happened on Thursday, just three beautiful things that I happen to write about on Thursdays 🙂 And since it was past midnight- Thursday it was! 🙂 Glad you liked the noodle dish!

    Susan, wow that is a great way to put it, the moment I put carpet in, it begins deteriorating plus spills and other things- thanks for the tip!


  4. Salaams! We put in laminate nearly a year ago and it has been a great help for us. Slippery at first, but we didn't have any more bumps than usual. The biggest difference I've noticed is sound. The house is MUCH MUCH louder without the carpet. As the kids get bigger, it's becoming a greater issue as we can't hear ourselves if we invite friends over. Still, some of that can be solved with area rugs . ..


  5. C- Great 🙂 just let me know the blurb you'd like 🙂

    Rasha, nice to hear from you, its been a while! at this point we've put the order in- but it was a very tough call.

    Shawna, long time no hear! thanks for your take- I have heard it does get MUCH louder- and considering that's his main play area- I think rugs will have to be a must. Thanks for the tip!


  6. definitely natural hardwood and i would say with a floating sub-floor, but i'm no contractor, so if they said you don't need one, i guess you don't. personally i think carpet is disgusting, it holds onto all things gross, and it is doubly disgusting if someone else has lived on the carpet before you. i can't wait to rip ours up and replace it with hardwood, which we will be doing very soon. it DEFINITELY increases the value of your house over carpet. we already have wood floors in the three bedrooms so we will be matching the new floors to the existing floors, but if we didn't already have some wood, i think we would probably do bamboo. have you looked at bamboo? it is beautiful and sustainable.


  7. Thanks ANon

    Kate, yeah the contractor said no need, and at home depot they also said it wasn't necessary for a ground floor level in our area- and yeah- I shudder at what's in our carpet at the moment.

    Lucky Fatima- glad to know I'm not alone!! 🙂 Its so odd but ever since I've learned how to make some things I can't stop!


  8. I'm also going to vote for hardwood. Our house is old with old hardwood floors. I love the look (even though they are in desperate need of refinishing), but the house is very squeaky. I can't walk down the hall at night without waking Bear. From an allergy standpoint, hardwood is best. Even so, I wouldn't mind having carpet in the bedrooms…something cushy to sink your feet into in the morning.


  9. i think bedrooms are the only acceptable place for carpet, i do understand why some people like it as it is softer, warmer and quieter but i LOVE hardwood floors, probably because that's what i grew up with.


  10. smiling a bit at the “how to meet new moms” bit. When we moved to our first home, after the birth of my son, we didn't know a soul, and I always felt like I was on a quest to meet other moms. I remember the first “mom-date” I had with a mom I met at a park, who's since become good friends. It's not easy. Since then, we've moved again and we're starting afresh. I'm much less freaked out about it now. Friendships happen over time, and I don't stress it any more. Don't hesitate to suggest playdates with other moms in play groups if you start chatting. And once they are in school, it's much easier to make friends. In the interim, just be friendly. You can also try the mom meet up groups, but I personally found my best friendships happened more holistically when I did things that I liked doing myself.


  11. Thanks for your take Raisingk and yes I agree- its nice to sink your feet into carpet in the morning- growing up we had tiles (Florida) and I really hated that.

    Kate I agree- I neve grew up with hardwoods but they really add a new look to the house.

    Sadaf, long time no see 🙂 Nice to hear from you 🙂 Thanks for the advice on new mom meet ups- I agree- organically is the best way to go about it- I hope we can figure it out soon 🙂 Good luck in your new city!


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