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Friday Roundup Linkety Link

The fooding: Homemade pretzels feel so intimidating to tackle but she makes it look simple. Psyched to try making them this weekend!

The youtube: I never liked Elmo. I felt like he hijacked the Sesame Street of my childhood but this video of him with Ricky Gervais doing a lullaby is as adorable as the after interview is hilarious.Β 

The parenting: I’m not sure why but this research study that shows kids know how to use smart phones and laptops before they can tie their shoes or ride a bike, troubles me. It seems sad and yet Waleed certainly sees me on the laptop more than he sees me gallivanting around on a bicycle so it seems only logical. I guess.

The creative: Speaking of technology, its my biggest challenge to writing with discipline. This beautiful article talks about the importance of disconnecting, letting the dishes stay dirty, and finding time to pursue creativity.

The reading: How did I miss goodreads? I’m woefully behind updating my book reviews but its a great way to organize. I especially love my “to read” list which ensures I won’t forget the books I want to read. Best of all? You can connect with friends, check out their recommendations and get great reading ideas. Are you on it? I’m aishacs at gmail dot com [or tell me how to find you]

The social networking: LOVED this post about studies showing that while social networking may be good for social networking facebook might be making us sad. Studies show men use facebook to share articles and ideas while women use it to show off how awesome their lives are. I’m dude-like in what I enjoy about facebook but most people aren’t and it can get exhausting getting updates of people one upping each other on the regular. I try to sift through- but this article leaves me again in the eternal debate of ridding myself of it once and for all.

The writing: Love this article with pieces from many different writers and their perspectives on the actual act of writing. The answers are surprising as they talk honestly about their fears, the difficult to self discipline and how even though writers love to write- well, sometimes we hate it too.Β 

And some more writing: Love this post about not only ‘owning’ the fact that you’re a writer, but great tips on how to be a successful one.

The mommy blogging: I’m not sure when I began reading Courtney’s blog but her posts about her son Tripp, who has EB, a rare skin disorder, are inspiring and unfortunately, lately heartwrenching. She could use some kind words sent her way.

The contest: If you’re interested in the $25 CSN Store giveaway, entries end at 12am EST tonight. [Details here] If you win and I don’t have an e-mail address I’ll post your name here so you can reach me. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours I’ll move to the next person on the list.

And the winner using is: [Muslim Wife’s Kitchen!]

Happy Friday y’all! Thoughts? Any cool links you found this week?

11 thoughts on “Friday Roundup Linkety Link”

  1. Oh, the pretzels… They call them Brezn here and they are truly delicious, one of my favourite snacks, I like them with butter or with white Bavarian sausages and sweet mustard. Yum indeed. And the best thing is that I do not need to make them, I find them practically everywhere and they are always good.

    One suggestion, if I may. When rolling the pretzel, try to roll the ends thinner, and the final result looks better.
    This is what I mean –


  2. I have a bread machine and love it. I have made pretzels a few times. I love pretzels.

    I used to love to read. I read book after book after book. Lately, I just haven't been into reading. I guess my hobbies wax and wane.

    OH my gosh that poor baby. I can't imagine.


  3. Mina- glad to get the tip on thinner ends on the pretzels- I'm very excited to try this- it always seemed so complicated! I LOVE pretzels but they're not readily available (the soft sort) unless you head to the mall. Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

    E, a bread machine sounds great- do you actually buy any bread once you have a bread machine?

    Tracy, haha you've seen most of them already, but glad you enjoy them πŸ™‚


  4. Ooh! I love your Linkety Link! I have lots of thoughts on all of this, but I'll only share a few.

    Elmo – you may not “get” him now, but I'm almost willing to bet you money that Waleed will love him (and I'm not the betting type). A friend once told me that all toddlers love Elmo, and I didn't believe her until I saw Bear react to him. She LOVES him.

    Goodreads – I'm on it, but my book list still contains the books I was reading back in 2007 when I signed up. Have you found it worthwhile?

    Writing – I found Joyce Carol Oates comments fascinating, and I could live by Julie Myerson's thoughts. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Welcome Anon!

    Raising- I used to have to change the channel if Elmo came on, now he reminds meo f my kid- LOL I am enjoying the “to read” shelf a lot! It helps me keep track of books I want to read- I also like loking at what my friends have read and are reading and it gives me ideas of what more to read!

    Jamila, aw thanks:) Its the award I gave you so I already have the award but I appreciate your kind words very much πŸ™‚

    Muslim Wife, lol yay πŸ™‚


  6. I absolutely LOVE goodreads! I try to add any books that sound interesting to the “to-read” shelf because I always forget later on what I wanted to read. I haven't really updated my “read” shelf, I add books as I think of them but haven't gone in and looked at all the books I own to updated the site.

    Have you tried making the 5 minute artisan bread? It is very good, no kneading or anything necessary.


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