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See Ma? Teething!

I set him down for a second to grab some folded towels and returned to him staring at me with a desperate expression doing what I can only logically conclude is a very earnest dental exam with my reading light to prove he in fact teething and to please please please not do cry-it-out. [Or to prove he is not teething and will infact grow these phantom teeth we keep waiting for when he’s seventeen years old and not a moment before. Could go either way really.]

In other news, the sleeping thing is improving- a lot. Will update the how and the why as soon as I’m certain this is not a passing fad but a really truly sticky situation! [fingers, toes, eyes, crossed that it is!]

13 thoughts on “See Ma? Teething!”

  1. aisha he is so adorable, seriously. a few weeks ago louise was on the other side of the couch where i couldn't see her, she started crying and i walked over to find her on her hands and knees chewing on the little metal thing you use to open and close the heat vent, i can imagine it didn't feel very good!


  2. Yay for sleep! Going better for us as well, though still teething. He's been waking only twice a night (aside from a few cries here and there that are easiliy self-settled) and it's been a huge improvement.

    I have that same booklight!!! Been taking advantage of our cosleeping status and just reading in the dark with that after bedtime. (Still can't get our guy in the crib). *sigh*

    And YES to a play date. Would the 19th or 20th work for you??


  3. @Anon Thanks 🙂

    Kate, I just shared that story with my hubby! OUCH! He is also fascinated with the same thing! What is the deal? I call him my little catfish- he's a scavenger!

    Thanks Jamila and Banshee for your fingers crossed along with me ont his sleep thing- he's sick again at the moment so things have been rocky- but hopefully resume back to normal once he's better.

    'Murgdan' I read somewhere that sleep habits kind of “self correct” around this age- I wonder, since Gabriel is doing the same, if this is all this is. I am out of town that weekend, but am game before or after? I'll shoot you an e-mail.

    Susan, thank you 🙂 I hope so!!!

    A, thank you so much- Ameen. 🙂


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