If you a have a minute. . .

Tonight I’m thinking of Wiseguy who lost her long awaited deeply desired baby girl. I’ve never met her but the tears won’t stop flowing. Your words can’t wash away her pain, nothing will. But I know kind words can feel like lightning bugs in a world shrouded in darkness. If you have a minute please swing by and lend her your support.

7 thoughts on “If you a have a minute. . .”

  1. Thanks for the link to Wiseguy's blog – I don't know her or her pain, but I once had a miscarriage and know how that crippled me mentally and emotionally for years, so I can only imagine this pain multiplied by a million – I left her a message anyway.


  2. my heart just broke for her. it's crazy how close we get, although we don't know eachother in real life, we know things about eachother that some of our real life friends don't know. there's definitely a bond and i am very grateful for it.


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