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This is your brain. On sleep deprivation.

After a night of no less than six wakings I sat down to jot a list of things we need but got distracted midway by a sleepy baby and phone calls. When I sat back down to finish the list, chai in hand, I couldn’t do much except stare at what I wrote down:

1. Bleach Cleaner. Without bleach. Natural thing that sprays and cleans.
2. Fragrance free wash liquid you use with clothes.
3. Fat light for ceiling in kitchen. It dims.
4. Thing to clean hands. Made of paper
5. Tylenol. Not recalled. The other one.

Note to self: No heavy mental lifting today. No, really.

20 thoughts on “This is your brain. On sleep deprivation.”

  1. Glad it made y'all smile πŸ™‚ Yes Latinaish- nap coming as soon as I finish this comment since BABY IS NAPPING! WOOT!

    E: Thanks for the belly laugh as I was going to give this to my hubby to pick up on his way home- yep definitely revised it now! πŸ™‚


  2. I know when I was nursing, the amount of caffeine I consumed affected my baby's ability to sleep. Have you considered lowering the amount of chai you drink to see if it helps?


  3. I was wondering that- and am considering reducing. I drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening. Planning to reduce the evening one. My lactation consultant said the amount I drink should not have any effect but it doesnt hurt to try something different. I have in the past cut tea out entirely for about a week with no results- but it can be helpful to try it again.


  4. *snort* Laughing here, after a night that I would have sworn rendered me incapable of laughter until I, uh, got a good night's sleep. Which last night certainly was not.

    Fingers crossed that W's nap lasts a good long time!


  5. Sadly six wakings is the norm over here…
    But I have to say that you are articulate enough, if you know what you are talking/writing about, than all is fiiiiine.


  6. Susan- I'm sorry you had a tough night, but glad I could make you smile.

    Jamila, aw- hang in there Jamila- it aint easy

    Kmina- really? That's the norm? HOW do you function?!?!


  7. HAHAHAHA!!! you poor poor woman, i really hope you get some rest soon 😦 iposted on facebook about the tylenol recall today because, of course, at the pharmacy we get a detailed list, there was a LOT of stuff recalled. my advice is to buy generic, there have been SO many problems lately, especially with tylenol, we don't see NEARLY as many generic recalls (at least not on otc products), i don't know why.


  8. Murgdan- yes- I did not realize that the abilityt o be coherent was tied to sleep, lol

    A, πŸ™‚

    Kate, lol- thanks for empathising. I wonder why generics don't get recalled as much?! I think people would think it would be the other way around!


  9. i have no idea why generics get recalled less, but tylenol has been absolutely ridiculous over the past couple years. we haven't had any problems with generic acetaminophen that i remember, of course, there are TONS of generics, so i can't say that none of them have been recalled, just none of the ones that we carry.


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