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Happy Eight Month Birthday

Dear Waleed,

On Friday you turned eight months old. We got the customary cupcake but you were in no mood for your photo shoot because you were one sick little monkey. Until now, if something upset you I could fix it. Hungry? I fed you. Wet? I changed you. Lonely? I cuddled you. Bored? I played with you. But the sick thing? I couldn’t make it better. I could only hold you as you whimpered with a pained expression as if you were asking me to make it stop. And I couldn’t. This is the first of many such instances isn’t it? Where I’m a spectator in your life- where as much as I want to do it for you- I have to watch you go through it alone. This is hard Waleed so very hard. 

Until the sick spell it was a good month. We went to DC for your Khala Aamina’s wedding. It does my heart good to see you with your family surrounded by so much love. We don’t see them nearly enough so when we do it just means that much more. Your Khala loves you so much- not a day passed despite her hectic schedule that she did not stop and kiss and cuddle with you. At her wedding I gave a speech and I told the audience what I’m about to tell you. She is not like my sister, she is my sister, she is the very definition of what a sister should be. And similarly she is not like your Khala, she is your Khala- she came to spend time with you when you were hardly three weeks old and she dotes on you every chance she gets. No matter what happens you can always count on her- she will love you forever.

You’ve always been active but this month you kicked it up a notch. You seem perpetually in motion. Everyone laughs wait until he’s walking you’ll be chasing him everywhere! I smile but I am a tiny bit anxious since you crawl everywhere. Especially on the kitchen tiles. We transfer you to the soft plush rug and in seconds you are back on the tiles smacking them with your fist and trying to stand. We bought a play-yard plus extensions. It covered our entire living room. Just the sight of it makes you scream hysterically. This perplexes me since you can sit in a tiny play-pen for hours gleeful and giddy- why does a play-yard large enough for a linebacker to cartwheel in make you feel trapped? Luckily, you’ve begun understanding when we tell you no. The bakers rack stacked from floor to ceiling with plates, glasses and other breakables? After we told you twice not to touch it, you’ve left it alone as with the wires in the kitchen that we simply cannot relocate to higher ground. It’s like you get it- back off the breakables and the play-yard stays away. I don’t understand it but I certainly appreciate your cooperation [and the fact that I’m engaged in negotiations with an infant does not escape me].

You also say Mama. To me. Not the dishwasher or the remote control or even your father. Me. And let me just tell you there is no word more beautiful in any language. It just reminds me, Waleed jaan, that you are growing up so fast. You are already eight months old. I keep waiting for this to feel normal. For me to take you for granted like my ears or my toes but there has not yet been a single day that I do not look at you and marvel that you are here and that you are mine. You are constantly evolving and growing and even the tough days, the days you won’t stop crying or won’t sleep, I am amazed and humbled to be your mother.


Your Mama

Thank you Mamu Khyzer for a picture of
Waleed with his Khala that I will treasure forever.

21 thoughts on “Happy Eight Month Birthday”

  1. Oh what a wonderful post – and a stunning photo! You're gorgeous, your little boy is beautiful, and that photo just shows your love for him, and his perfect little 8-month personality – he looks mischievous and loving, serious and ready to play all at once. I hope he feels better very soon!


  2. WHOOPS I need to clarify! That is my cousin Aamina! 🙂 Its her wedding outfit (or rather day after wedding reception)- she does love him so much though- so the love you see is definitely there. I forgot to realize that I dont post a lot of pictures of myself so people could be confused. I have a picture of me here:

    Will edit this post to be clear!

    Thanks though for your wishes for his health 🙂 He is MUCH better already.


  3. Assalaam Alaikum Aisha,

    What a beautiful picture! =)

    MashaAllah, your sister and son look gorgeous. And what a sweet letter. I pray that Waleed feels better soon, and of course that grows up to be a righteous, healthy, successful guy, iA. After all, this is only the beginning of the journey.

    P.S. I thought that was you too, lol (the reason why I retracted my previous comment).


  4. Thanks Sara, and ameen- thank you for your duaas for my son. I have edited the caption to the picture to clarify its my cousin. lol. Hopefully its clear now 🙂


  5. beautiful picture aisha, i thought it was you at first too until i read the caption, i never saw the other picture of you, how did i miss it, i read all your posts!!! maybe it was when i was on vacation or something.
    there is a difference between walking and crawling but don't fret, it's not huge. they are a bit faster and can get into a little more, but all in all, similar to what you are currently experiencing.
    i have to post comments on your blog with internet expolerer which i don't normally use, and there's no spell check for some reason, forgive me if there are errors, my family is notorius for bad spelling.


  6. Kate, thanks for the reassurance! Yeah- crawling is keeping me on my toes too for sure! Its just that no toy intrigues him as much as the paper I accidentally dropped, or a wire, or a cup on the coffee table- so I have to be vigilant at all times, lol. Is Louise the same way?

    Anon, thanks 🙂

    Aw, thanks for the comment 🙂 That is my cousin- but she's very cute 🙂

    A. Thank you for your kind words- as always. 🙂


  7. yup. boxes, papers, wires, dog bowls, dental floss, ajax, whatever she's not supposed to play with is ALWAYS more interesting than her actual toys, which she has almost no interest in.


  8. Kate- go figure right? I guess all babies read the same guidebook on how to keep their parents on their toes, lol

    Mystic- thank you so much!!!!!! 🙂

    Stacey- thanks 🙂 he is- thank you for saying so. your little one is JUST around the corner!!!!


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