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Reading Between The Lines

As any writer knows the first sentence is the most important sentence in your book because those first sentences determine whether a casual browser will keep on reading or put it back on the shelf for something else. That’s a whole lot of pressure to make sure the first sentence is the most amazing thing since sliced bread. [Or Harry Potter if we’re going to compare apples to apples]. In that vein I’ve been staring at the first sentence of my new manuscript for approximately three days. To get an objective opinion I turned to my husband for feedback.

Me: The first sentence is the most important sentence in a book. Can you please read the first sentence of my manuscript to see if its a good first sentence?
K: Sure. Pauses football game. Takes it and reads it. Keeps reading. Five minutes.
Me: You’re not still reading the first sentence are you?
K: No, I’m done.
Me: So what do you think?
K: It’s okay.
Me: Just okay?
K: Yeah- its fine. I guess.
Me: Fine, I guess? That wont cut it for a first sentence! I need to revise. Again. Sigh. I guess that’s why you were staring at the sentence for five minutes. Trying to figure out how to break it to me?
K: No, I finished the first page. The first sentence made me want to read on, I didn’t want to stop.
Me: So that means its a GOOD first sentence!?
K: Good point! Now that you put it that way- yeah! It was a good first sentence.

Good thing I interrogated a bit to realize that his version of okay is my version of yes this works! this works! Hope y’all are well. Onwards on the writing road go I.

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7 thoughts on “Reading Between The Lines”

  1. personally it's not the first sentence for me, it's the blurb on the book jacket. generally if there's no blurb i don't buy the book, unless it comes highly reccomended.
    i need one of your books o get published so i can READ IT!!!!!


  2. How funny! I usually get a similar response from my husband when I ask him the question, “What do you think of this outfit?” I've learned that we do not have the same definitions of nice and okay.

    So glad that you've crafted a great first sentence!

    Also, I see that you're on Twitter. I think that I'll follow you there too!


  3. Raising, lol- I never thought about it is similar to the “how do I look in that outfit”

    Thanks for the twitter follow (and the google follow) will do the same next time I log into twitter!


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