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Waleed, the pretty little. . . girl?

I love zipped up footed pajamas. Its so much easier to zip and unzip rather than fumbling with buttons in the middle of the night but its hard to find zipped pajamas. After searching in boys sections for weeks a salesclerk pointed me to the girl’s section filled with pink and purple zipped pajamas. Now I’m not saying my boy can only play with footballs and GI Joes but I can’t exactly see myself sticking him in a princess pajama even if he doesn’t know the difference. What about the frog one? She said lifting a green and white frog print. It seemed neutral enough I thought. When I showed it to K he shook his head I don’t know about that one. I didn’t get it. Just looks girly he said. Its gender neutral I insisted. Plus they zipped- making my nighttime wakings easier by a mile.

I woke this morning to a sick little guy. Fever. Cough. Fussy. Rushing him to the doctor we took the first appointment with the first available doctor. It was a new doctor but he seemed nice enough [Looking past the huge “Obamacare will kill the country” poster on his office door]. Still, I raised an eyebrow when he leaned his stethoscope in and said okay sweetheart lets listen to your lungs, and then hi beautiful, lets look at the throat wondering, does he think Waleed is a girl? But then all doubt erased when he said, she has a viral infection give her pain relievers, it will pass by Saturday.

Now I understand Waleed is not Joe, Barney or Bartholomew so it might be misconstrued as female or at best unclear. And I get he’s a busy doctor who didn’t check the chart for gender but I’m just surprised. He seems so boyish to me. I thought back to the one other time that someone mistook him for a girl and realized a common theme in both incidents. The outfit:

Let me be clear- I don’t mind people thinking he’s a girl. He’s a baby. A baby who actually looks just like me as a baby but I just don’t get it. Is it the outfit? Green frogs are girlie and I missed the memo? Or do I just have a very pretty little boy?

21 thoughts on “Waleed, the pretty little. . . girl?”

  1. WOW, he does NOT look like a girl and those PJ's are not necessarily girl pajamas. I agree they are gender neutral. We have the opposite problem, since our daughter hardly has any hair even if I dress her in pink or purple she still gets the boy comments.


  2. I think the frogs are adorable, while still being tres masculine! Macho Froggies! And yeah, I HEAR you on zippable pjs!

    Seriously, you have a beautiful boy – (and yeah, I call Henry my pretty baby all the time.) One of my favorite outfits of his has pink & brown (& blue & green) stripes, and the neighborhood ladies always tell me he looks like a girl when he wears it. Yeah, what of it? When I was a kid my mom scotch-taped pink bows onto my bald scalp in an effort to get the 'what a handsome son!' comments to stop, and even that drastic measure did not work.

    I say, wear the froggies, introduce him as often as possible as “my beautiful son, Waleed,” and don't worry about it.

    (And seriously, what a lovely boy you've got there!)


  3. Zen, thanks for the comment! And sorry you have the OPPOSITE problem. Its all good though- babies are gender neutral facial wise- I mean how can one look different from another anyways at such a young age, lol.

    Anon, lol, thanks πŸ™‚

    Susan, I just find it interesting, lol. Yeah exactly- its all good if they think he's a girl- I kind of find it flattering since I looked like him once, lol. And considering I almost brought him home in a sunflower getup- its not like I have hang ups about him looking like a manly man as a newborn, lol.

    Thanks, A :)!


  4. He's just pretty! And I love the froggies and would totally put my little guy in them! He's been called a girl by strangers as well…and he was dressed in clothes that were definitely “boyish”.


  5. i don't really think it matters either, but waleed totally looks like a boy to me. people always think that louise is a boy, even when she has pink on, it really doesn't bother me because i know it's really hard to tell at this age. i think the people who mistake her for a boy end up being more upset and embarrassed than i am.

    i just bought louise her next round of pj's and a lot of them are the zipper ones, i got some of them at walmart on clearance, i think they are the carter's “child of mine” line. there's also a brand that kohl's sells that are mostly zippered and that is “just born” (probably a carter's line too, it seems like they all are).


  6. *sigh*…I was walking Gabriel through the park the other day wrapped in a stroller blanket that is blue with a picture of a football and baseball bat on it (and the frog is way more my style)…someone still approached us and said “she is so cute!”.

    Oh well. We have a few frog outfits….and YES!!!! to the zippers!!!!


  7. I got George a footie pj, very cute and with easy snaps, green as well, which I ordered online. not only does it say on the inside label 'fashion for girls', it also has an outside label that says the same. Why do you need to put that on the outside as well?! That does not prevent me for dressing him in that. It's comfy and practical. And for girls. And he couldn't care less.

    Whoever thinks your boy looks like a girl, needs their eyes checked. He's obviously got a very little boy head, come on! He might be incredibly cute, but does not look like a girl…


  8. Hahaha, great story! But more importantly I think you need to find a new dr 😦 He should have checked his diaper area for enlarged/swollen lymph nodes (since he was sick), and he would have clearly seen that W is in fact a boy…I'm no dr but anytime N. is sick, her doctors check her diaper area.


  9. I agree, boy all the way!! and Waleed does NOT sound like a girl name at all.

    I agree, zipper pajamas all the way. I LOVE those things. I hate buttons.


  10. I'm sorry to hear Waleed is sick. 😦 Poor baby! But, lol to your story. The frogs are very gender neutral! Waleed looks like a very handsome little boy. πŸ™‚ I use gowns on Rania for PJs. No closures at all, just pull them up. I always the snaps all wrong when I'm sleepy.


  11. He is a very handsome and/or pretty baby! It's all the same at that age, right? As an aside, my grandmother had two boys prior to having my father. My dad was supposed to be her girl. He wasn't, and she dressed him in pink anyway. Despite her best efforts, he turned out all boy! That pink didn't affect him at all. A little gender-confusion caused by frogs (which I think are completely gender-neutral) shouldn't affect Waleed at all! Hope he's feeling better!


  12. Banshee- I guess its a common issue then, lol thanks for sharing your own experience!

    Kate, exactly! like you I feel kind of embarassed correcting- I sometimes don't but the doctor- I had to tell him, I did it subtly, just said “oh okay he has a virus huh?” and he picked up and changed his pronouns but didn't say sorry not a big deal though. Thanks for the tip on the zipped pj places!

    Murgdan- go figure huh? I personally just say “your baby is so cute” side stepping that issue altogether!

    Kmina, lol- yeah its not like George cares- its just a societal cultural thing that this outfit is for this child- the baby could care less, lol.

    Anon, interesting thanks for letting me know- no doctor at this practice has ever checked that area. I wonder why. I do want to change doctors for more reasons than one- but inertia is on the side of sticking with them since they have all his paperwork etc. Sigh.

    E, zippers are awesome aren't they? they should make more zippered pajamas

    Jamila, thanks for your concern! He's getting better but its slow 😦 And thanks for your sweet words about him πŸ™‚ Rania is a princess true to her word mash'Allah!

    Raising, that's hilarious! Yeah- I doubt there's any ill effects- in Pakistan they culturally dress babies in frocks- not sure why- but people seem to not be stuck behind for this for whatever eason, lol.


  13. Waleed is beautiful – a beautiful little boy! And I would absolutely call the froggy jammies gender neutral. And even the name Waleed sounds masculine to me! I wonder if the doc even looked at the chart first…?


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