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How to rid yourself of a BRAVO addiction

1) Have your mother remind you while visiting that they get BRAVO, the channel she read you missed so dearly and had infact encouraged you to go ahead and pay the $20 extra per month since you bemoaned its loss so.
2) Turn on BRAVO [with your mother watching along with you] and watch with delight as real housewives is airing at that very moment.
3) Watch as X backstabs Y who backstabs Z who backstabs X, who ate a carrot and now feels fat.
4) Cringe at confessional interviews where people with the emotional maturity of toddlers explain how they feel about one another.
5) Have your mother turn to you with a horrified expression and ask you this isn’t the type of show you were missing on this channel. . . was it? 

I guess nearly a year without the channel plus my mother’s horrified expression was enough to make me wonder what I saw in those shows in the first place. Extinction is the best way to rid an addiction and I got over Indian movies in a similar fashion since once upon a time, yours truly was hooked on them. I even went to one of those concerts where the actors grip the microphone and lip synch all serious-like and hung out with friends outside an Indian store for FIVE HOURS waiting for one of these lip synching sensations to deign to show their faces. (They didn’t. The only thing sadder than waiting for five hours in Florida heat outside an Indian store for Bollywood actors is to leave without having seen one at all). Wrenched away from Miami a place of bountiful Indian Movie Stores to Palm Beach where the closest one was just not regularly accessible led to me going two years without watching a desi flick and then. . . when I did? I gasped. They were so . . . cheesy Was it always so? Upon rewatching former beloved films I realized- yes. yes it was. It took time apart to see.

And so it seems with Bravo. As much as I could once watch Tabatha yell at a girl for how she cuts hair, or Patty yell at a guy for being too picky about matchmaking, now its just kind of not doing it for me anymore. I guess when it comes to realityTV, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. [Though just like any former crack addict, I can’t guarantee that should BRAVO suddenly become part of my basic television programming that I would not fall off the wagon like the realityTV junkie I am]

3 thoughts on “How to rid yourself of a BRAVO addiction”

  1. Yeah, it's quite a 'what was I thinking' moment. like the bouffant skirts, oversized shirts worn with a belt, oh God the belts I used to wear in the 80s… I thought I was the cat's whiskers and now, when I see the photos, I cringe and laugh at the same time. The only thing I did not have was a mullet, but I did have a perm. Geez Louise, was I fancy! ;-))


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