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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

My cousin is getting married. This time next week I’ll be doing a clumsy bhangra at her mehndi [whatever Punjabi gene that makes you a dancing guru skipped my entire family- oh yes throwing us all under the bus here]. While I’ll keep my opinions on desi weddings to myself in this post, [you can read about it here with an explanation of the various desi wedding days] I can’t help it, I do love the colors, the henna, the songs, the sweets, breaking out your wedding jewelry [and no doubt trying to get baby not to break said jewelry]. Most beautiful will be spending time with my family in my Chachi’s cozy, warm house. I know most of our days will be spent running around like monkeys trying to get everything ready, but I’m so happy I get to do this with the people I love most.

Mad Men. My favorite TV show- ever. [Lost seasons 1-2 were beautiful but they ruined it with the rest of the seasons]. I expected to be thoroughly bored with this show that I presumed a period piece for 60’s buffs, but its so much more. Not only is it a very true depiction of what I’ve read of that era, the characters are fascinating- there is as of yet not a single character [not even the little kids!] who are 100% likable and yet you can’t look away. Though television, it flows like a brilliant novel. The acting, the storyline, everything is practically perfect. I’m towards the end of season 2 and want to own the entire DVD collection and watch again- its the sort of show I’m sure will reveal more on a second [or third] viewing. If you love reading recap commentary this is my favorite site.

Chai. I’m certain this has made my list before- but chai in the wintertime? With my red tea-pot [and yes, my fellow like-minded chai aficionados, when there is time in the open pot cooked properly with cardamon, caramelized sugar and cooked milk] is beautiful. I can be freezing cold despite layers of sweaters and socks but a sip of chai and I’m toasted from head to toe. If you’ve been wondering why the colder it gets the increasingly perkier I get- well now you know why. Chai- the best thing about colonialism- ever!

7 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Have heard a lot about Mad Men but will definitely give it a try after you recommendation – hope it doesn't require too many brain cells though – after a long day of work mixed in with a one year old, I'm SO ready to turn off my brain and satiate it with fluff.

    Lol @ Chai- the best thing about colonialism- ever!

    But agreed, chai is the best thing about winters…and summers…and well, really, it's just the best.thing.ever…



  2. Hope you have a lovely time at/with/running around for the wedding! I love Chai! Is it a colonial thing though? Did our forefathers not drink Chai before the Brits got in there? Just wondering (and exposing some ignorance)! xxx


  3. Ash- it takes about four-five episodes to get hooked- the first few I kept shaking my head and getting bored- but then there comes a point that you do get hooked! As for brain cells- nah, its not rocket science- but it does make ou think- but in a good way! lol So glad to hav a fellow chai fan šŸ™‚

    Fruitful Fusion- From what I've understood the Brits introduced it to us- we might have added to it with spices we add but the concept of milky tea came from there- but I wll have to double check- might be worthy of a post in itself, lol. BTW- I'd e happy to include you in my directories- what kind of blurb would you like?


  4. Yep Aisha, checked with my trusty source (AKA Dad!) and found out that the Brits introduced the milky tea to Asia. I'm a British Desi. No wonder Chai is my go to drink! It's in my blood and my passport! Thanks for encouraging me to find that out!

    Aw, any kind of blurb'll do! Will it be easier for you if I come up with something?


  5. I am crazy about Chai Lattes (Starbucks or Stash made with vanilla soy milk). Also Mad Men. I was just a kid then, but I do remember that world. Especially the role of wife. And women in general.


  6. WriteMama- Thank you for reminding me- I've been meaning to write a post about this for months now! I need to send my camera for repairs but as soon as its back that will be my first post! Thanks for the reminder!!!


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