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Happy Seven Month Birthday

Dear Waleed,

On Tuesday you turned seven months old. You may as well be seven, that’s how foreign this feels to me. We’re more than half-way through the first year of your life. Its been a busy month of milestones flying past me so fast I can hardly keep track like sitting up on your own, and crawling, and standing on anything, the coffee table, the sofa, the crib. You love standing. During the day you stand in your crib and giggle, at night you stand, clanging your fists in fury like we are cruel wardens who have wrongfully imprisoned you. But I love your victory roars when you demand we notice you and demand that we recognize how amazing it is, this standing thing, and that you can do it so well.Β 

You say mama now, a lot. Or rather, amma. You desi baby, you. I know you probably aren’t aware of what you are saying, but I’ll go ahead and pretend that when you say it to me, as opposed to the dishwasher, you really mean it.

You had your first Eid-ul-Adha this month. Your dadi and dada came to celebrate it with you. We hold no illusions that they came for anyone other than you. You wore the shalwar kamiz your dadi made just for you- and you opened gifts and pulled my hair. On that note, sweetheart, would you mind easing on mastering being a rope climber on my hair? It leads to me posing in nearly all pictures while holding you looking like this:

Speaking of hair, yours? Its starting to curl. I shouldn’t be surprised since everyone on both sides of your family sport curls, but it still mesmerizes me. One day it was straight, the next, waves like a silky sea. When you were first born, we wondered who you looked like with each genetically related family-member claiming likeness to themselves. For example, you suck your thumb all the time. I pull it out most times, but the problem is you look so cute doing it. Mamu Ali and Khala Aamina sucked their thumbs as kids and they grin at this development. While many babies suck thumbs, for us its further glimpses of how you’re a cornucopia of us [though still your own unique you].

Despite these debates, the older you get its becoming increasingly clear. You look like me. A conclusion unanimously reached once people see my baby pictures. I don’t see it most days, but sometimes when you’re wearing your striped footed pajama and glance at me just so, I freeze because its like a time warp. A glimpse into the past. Ofcourse I’d love you just as much if you looked like your Abu or even Cookie Monster- but still- this feeling? Hard to properly articulate. [If you’re reading this years-hence and are horrified that you resembled a girl, I offer you the comfort that I was a very boy looking baby girl]

Your Abu and I look at teenagers who talk back to their parents, roll eyes and demand money and wonder how parents tolerate this. Now I think its because of these moments right now, of pure guileless love. It settles into your heart and helps you weather the trying times of adolescence. As I glanced at old pictures of myself I was struck with the love I saw in my parent’s eyes. Its the same love I see in their eyes today. I realized, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, or 30, when I look in your eyes I will always see my baby Waleed. This grunting, crawling, cooing, crying innocent being I was entrusted with to protect. Happy seven month birthday Waleed. Know that I will always love you exactly like I love you today.

Your Mama

15 thoughts on “Happy Seven Month Birthday”

  1. I LOVE this post – the photos are great! (And, yes, especially in the one where your dad(?) is holding you upside down, W. looks just like you!)

    (And I have to say that I so wish we lived closer to each other. I wish H & W were going to grow up to be playmates & best friends. I read your posts eagerly, looking forward to our own experiences at each milestone…)


  2. Thanks Susan! I too wish we lived closer- what fun playgroups we could have! It seems all the people I most want to play-group with children in W's age-group live scattered across teh country 😦

    Anon, thanks!


  3. OMG! In the last photo I thought that was an uncle of yours holding Waleed and you had edited the photo to give a vintage feeling. LOL!

    Love all the photos and your letters to him. This year is going too fast!


  4. Wonderful post and photos, absolutely wonderful!

    Tiny hands have quite a grasp, haven't they? ;-)) I keep mine in a pony tail precisely because of this.

    Time really flies…


  5. Tracy, haha thanks! πŸ™‚ I know- TOO fast.
    Kmina- even in a ponytail, he tries to reach back or he grabs the strands that inevitably slip out!
    Stacey- lol, thanks!

    I appreciate y'all for reading and for leaving a comment letting me know you stopped by! πŸ™‚


  6. Aisha, thank you for the post. (From it, I found you have a child :).) Happy 7 months birthday! BTW, this is Denys, who used to work with Ali at AYS. It has been busy four years since last time we saw each other. Congrats, once again, on all professional and family achievements! (I saw Ali's profile on LinkedIn, but could not seem to contact him easily.) I recognize him on the bottom photo, and am leaving my contacts below, in case he is interested in contacting me, since I lost his number: cell 650-892-5327 or (I am still in the Bay Area, and not in Ukraine where I thought I would be :)). Cheers, and say Hi to Ali for me


  7. Thank you Ayesha!

    Denys, thanks for the congratulations, I'm afraid you have the wrong person. . . my brother never worked for AYS and he doesn't he have a LinkedIn profile. The bottom photo is an old photo of me as a baby and the person holding me is my dad (though Ali does look my dad). Thanks for stopping by though, and hope you find Ali, the one you are looking for, soon! πŸ™‚


  8. He's so cute MashAllah! Rania has the same jacket, but it's white. We are still trying to figure out who she looks like. Sometimes I think she looks exactly like me, other days she looks like Arslan.


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