Blogging and Birthdays and Looking Ahead

Every month I celebrate Waleed’s birthday with a cupcake and a photo-shoot so elaborate it would awe the paparazzi. I love celebrating things. Eid, Birthdays, Anniversaries. Jotting down Waleed’s monthly update today I realized two big events are coming up in May. My seventh year blogging and W’s 1st birthday! [insh’Allah] As much as I love getting gifts giving is much more gratifying so in honor of these upcoming events I’m planning to do a few fun give-aways. If you want to be included its easy: just click the ‘follow me’ button on the right-hand side because a) It makes me happy! and b) I’ll use that to pick the winner[s]. Its a favorite things give-away to say thank you for reading so you know how much I’ve appreciated your company over the years, because I have and I do. [And yes- I realize May is quite a while away but W is already going to be 7 months old in just a few hours and time? its flying. Since its on my mind now, I thought I’d share it now.] And to answer a few questions, the ‘follow-me’ refers to the google-connect, not the twitter button- though I welcome you to follow both πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Blogging and Birthdays and Looking Ahead”

  1. I am so gona be following you from now on… not that I dint before πŸ™‚
    InshaAllah. May…
    May Allah bless you and yours with eveyr happiness. Aameen.


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