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Top Ten Favorite Baby Things 0-6 months

I wish pregnancy flew by as fast as these first six months of his life have. I know some of you reading are pregnant or new moms so I thought I’d share some of the baby items I found incredibly helpful in the hopes that it helps you too. [And yes diapers, and clothes are important- and not on the list- but get them, you’ll need them]

Moses Basket. When we brought our baby home from the hospital and lay him down in his crib it was like putting a goldfish in the ocean. He looked so small and the crib? Ginormous. We put the moses basket in the crib and it helped him feel much more secure and cozy and I could lift it by the handles and carry him everywhere. Now that he’s outgrown it I use it to store his bath towels, and other random stuff- and I’ve heard some people use it to store toys. Ofcourse it may be even better to buy a full-out bassinet or co-sleeper, but this was cheap and did the job well.

Swaddlers. Specifically, the Kiddopatamous ones. They helped him feel womb-like, and he slept like magic in them. In fact we did not have any sleep challenges until we weaned him from those swaddlers. I miss swaddlers.

Bouncer. I was told I either needed this or a swing. I think each serve their purposes and I particularly enjoy the bouncer because you can put him with you when you eat dinner, or need to hop in the shower- its his little chair- and its not too pricey at all.

Harvey Karp DVD. Or youtube him. He has a five S strategy to help your newborn soothe- and I’ve heard its magical for babies with colic. I rented it from the library.

Play-Gym. While balloons and gift bags are the top mode of entertainment- I have found that he did love the play-gym, though it was for a brief moment in time, and I’ve been told that for babes who hate tummy-time play-gyms can help motivate them stay on their tummies just a little while longer.

Snap-n-Go Stroller. I am so glad I didn’t purchase an SUV stroller. Friends who had one of those said that they found them very heavy and burdensome to lug around and that as soon as they kids were old enough to sit up they switched to the cheap stroller umbrellas. Since Snap-n-Gos only last until the child outgrows their infant car seat, it worked out to get this since by the time he outgrows that he will be ready for an umbrella stroller anyways.

Convertible versus Infant Car Seat. I was planning to get a convertible car seat that a baby can use from birth to two years of age since I thought it seeemed like a penny wise option but I think an infant car seat is very important. Its small enough to help the baby feel secure. It fits in the snap-n-go stroller. And you can carry baby in it so you don’t disturb them when they fall asleep. And you NEVER disturb a sleeping baby. Ever.

Baby Carriers. I wrote about this extensively here. Buy one. They rock.

Boppy. When I brought this home, K looked at me with a raised eyebrow- and I admit I was a bit skeptical- it seemed like a very unnecessary purchase- a fufu thing- but no, it helps me so much in nursing- and frees up my hands so I can read or type, or blog. (weren’t you wondering where I found the time to blog with a baby?)

Medela Pump. If you plan to nurse, this is vital. Its a hefty price, I got mine second-hand from K’s co-worker for $75 and I have friends who also got them used- just buy new parts (tubing, shields) and the rest is fine. I ended up not even having to buy new parts because the hospital provided them to me free of charge. Make sure to ask for a lactation consultation and they usually hook you up.

Coming up next. . . things that were way over-hyped and under-needed, but in the meantime- what did you think was absolutely essential or a must-have? [If this was helpful, please share and I’ll do another one for the 6-12 month range]

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Baby Things 0-6 months”

  1. I second the moses basket & the kiddopotamus swaddle! I'd add Burts Bees diaper ointment, because it makes H smile – I think he likes the smell – I know I do! I'd also add the Balboa baby sling, though H is getting too heavy for it now. Please do another one – maybe even a 6-8 month one?


  2. This was really interesting! Rania loves her play gym now. She'll stare up into it's little lights and talk to them. It's adorable! I second the pump. I had a hospital grade one when we first brought Rania home. I loved it! I'm using a Mendela single pump now. I use my Boppy, but I still need a pillow under it and sometimes on the side too when nursing. What baby carrier do you use?


  3. As far as being essential, I'd have to say a pacifier. It helps her fall asleep and stay asleep. I occasionally use it when she's unconsolable. I try to limit it's use during the day, but it's a godsend to put her to sleep. Also, it reduces the risk of SIDS.


  4. Susan- ooh I'll have to try that burts bees ointment- I tried their lotion and I didn't like the smell of that, but I love their products for myself.

    Anon- thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    Jamila- for sure, a pacifier is essential! he doesn't use them anymore but yes they were a life savor!!!! As for baby wearing- I have a link to the post I wrote about it on this post- I have reviewed them all so you can see the pros/cons of each one BUT my favorite one is the Ergo hands down because its the one that will last you the longest and you'll get the most wear out of. If I had it to do over again I'd get only that one (and maybe the Baby Bjorn since you can front-carry)


  5. Michele- you are really good at rocking out your Moby carriers! I would wear him in that and he'd end up just sinking lower and lower and lower, and sometimes at an angle- I did enjoy that carrier's cradle hold when he was a newborn though!


  6. I love those Boppy things too (didn't know that's what they're called). I have a hand-made one, made by a dear friend that was such a BIG help when it came to nursing! Helps with posture and blogging! πŸ™‚


  7. Another thing that I find immensely helpful, although in the beginning I thought it was just a whim, is the nappy disposal system –
    It makes plastic “sausages” out of used nappies. And there is no smell whatsoever. I empty it twice a week or so. Great invention.

    About blurbing me – how about SAHM, East European, expat in Germany? And thank you for adding me to your list. I am honoured.


  8. since I'm *hrumph* looking mother hood straight in the eyes, Travis and I decided we really did need to get some stuff together… this is perfect for me! πŸ™‚ Most everything can wait until the shower, but we need a place to sleep and that Moses basket looks awesome (I had one to), and I'm so glad you included a link, because I had no idea how cheep it was! (vs. other baby items we will need!)


  9. Fruitful- I think they have different names but aren't the fantastic??? Didn't know you blogged, which ones on your profile are you most active? Would love to include you in my blogroll directory!

    Kmina- thanks πŸ™‚ will add you tonight! Ahh those sound AWESOME! Space savers too. We have diaper genies here but I've found them useless, so we just use the trashcan- baby poop so far doesn't smell so its worked out okay.

    Jenn- SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Ahem. I'm glad that the moses basket was a good suggestion for you- I would say that you might want to get a basket stand or put it on a dresser, or something because on the floor they look quite vulnerable when youer' groggy at night πŸ™‚

    Pixie- hope it helps you πŸ™‚


  10. thank you aisha! im 5 weeks away from due date, had my first prem labour scare, and realised, crap…i haven't actually bought anything for the baby! i feel so completely overwhelmed when i go out shopping, stores trying to sell me everything, and i just never know what i really NEED. different friends giving different opinions, so it's nice to see what the common themes are!


  11. Great list Aisha! I would definitely recommend one of these vs. the regular high chairs. We've been using this w/ our girl since she was 4 months old and its been the best in feeding!|1287991011&searchSize=30&searchPage=1&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0


  12. Stacy, Bongi- I'm glad this is going to be useful for you! TRUTHFULLY? You need to make sure s/he has a place to sleep, some clothes to wear, diapers, and love- just boundless love- the rest is all optional πŸ™‚

    Anon, THANK YOU- I've been struggling with this. Just got a booster chair and can't figure out if this is a good idea or not- I think this one that you are using is a good medium- so its comfortable and has back support- but isn't taking up all the space of a traditional high chair!


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