About the new things you see on my blog

After blogging for nearly seven years I thought it was time to tweak things a bit. In addition to the movie, and book reviews on the right, I’ve also started a blog where I chronicle my life daily in photography. I’ve also added two new tabs right up top with two blog directories: mommy bloggers and desi bloggers. My blog is mostly about these two topics so I thought it might be nice to compile a comprehensive listing of both mommy bloggers, and desi bloggers because my own searches for directories on these two topics have proved unsatisfactory. I’m doing this because I think its important for community, and cool for me to find new blogs, not because I’m getting any monetary gain from it. If you are interested in submitting your blog to either directory, please feel free to contact me. Information is on the tabbed headers. Some of you might see yourselves on there, if you’d like me to change your blurb, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so. They will be an evolving project with more complexity if the list gets longer and calls for it, or it may stay simple as it is. We shall see!

7 thoughts on “About the new things you see on my blog”

  1. Hey … what about daddy (or soon to be dad) bloggers who are also desi 😛

    Here's my blog address
    blurb: A father's journey through pregnancy

    I recently started this blog after finding out that my wife and I were going to have a baby. Anyway, since you dont have any fathers point of view blogs in your list, thought my blog would give a different perspective.

    Anyway, I've been reading your blog on & off for 5+ years …. very few of the people whom I added to my google reader many years ago are still posting. So keep it up.


  2. Arf- sure- I'll put you in both, its overlapping- and awesome for you to be a father blogger! Its not very common at all. And thanks for letting me know you're reading- its always nice to hear 🙂

    Stacey- haha I do'nt know about that- I've had the movie and book reviews for years, but yeah, just thought I'd finally organize things 🙂 Can't wait to put you in the mommy blogger category vERY SOON!


  3. I am honored to be included, A! Thank you! Always enjoy your blog, and it makes me happy to read about your joys with W — hopefully I'll be able to comment more as life settles down a bit. Which will hopefully be before you hit another 7 years. 🙂


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