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Three Beautiful Things Thanksgiving Thursday

1. Watching my boys dance to Bruno Mars in my family room strung with lights.
2. I couldnt have imagined how meditative taking a daily picture is. While imperfect at the art of photography, pausing to take notice of my life and the intrinsic beauty in otherwise forgettable moments on my new blog is more beautiful than I can say. 
3. A red tea pot that whistles when ready. How did I ever survive on microwaved chai? Now that I have my red teapot its hard to understand.

Happy Thanksgiving! To you and yours!

13 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thanksgiving Thursday”

  1. You would drink microwaved chai?? Now, I have to judge you! :p Lol! I am addicted to chai and I have always been very particular about how it should be cooked and brewed for a certain amount of time before it's ready.


  2. Zehra- WOAH now. Wait. I can be judged on my parenting abilities, or my writing, etc but judging my CHAI-ing abilities? *gasp* Okay- let me clarify- micro chai is always sub-par chai- its like drinking instant coffee and drowning it in dried carnation packets- BUT when you are on the run and need your coffee fix you might resort to it. Similarly, that would be the circumstnace in which I would imbibe micro-tea/redpot tea. Otherwise, yes, I have very specific requirements on how its brewed (in an open pot on a preferably gas range with lachi ground just a tad under the back of your spoon, etc etc etc). BUT if on the run, other forms of chai can be substituted but ONLY if absolutely necessary. 😉


  3. LOL. Alright, alright! I'll cut you some slack. 🙂 I must confess that I myself have had to resort to insipid, horrible-tasting chai from places like Second Cup or Tim Hortons, if I am on the run. I know a lot of people will make chai in the microwave but if I am in a rush, I just skip it altogether, which is why I will pay the price for it later. Chai gives me that kick that I can't even get from coffee. I guess that's just the desi in me. Also, I know the way I make my chai works for me but my mom or my sister, for example, are not the biggest fans of my chai-making abilities. 😦 Anwyay, you have to make me a mean cup of chai in your red teapot someday, i.e. if I ever stop by in your neighbourhood. 🙂


  4. Lisa- thanks! done! And yeah its hard to believe I'm a mom too sometimes! 🙂

    Ash- SIGH. I should NEVER have mentioned the micro-tea, but be comforted in the knowledge that I am a REFORMED micro-tea-er. One chai drinker at a time. . . 🙂


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