Did that really just happen?

Playing on the floor my six-month-old suddenly looked up at me with a big pout and began bawling full speed.

Me: No. Unacceptable! You are not going to cry like that for no reason mister.
Waleed: Stops crying. Stares at me thoughtfully for a minute. Then puts his finger to chin and says Oh and resumes playing with his egg carton.

Oh. He said ‘Oh’ and stopped crying! While I, like any mother, believe my child is a genius of epic proportions- I’m fairly certain this was a coincidence. Still- kind of like I never shook off the childhood stories of spiders that spell and pigs that talk I’m a bit skeptical. . . he didn’t. No he couldn’t. No. . . but, maybe? I mean its possible? Come on, can’t this mama have her proud moment? [Now if only this would work at night. Sigh.]

8 thoughts on “Did that really just happen?”

  1. My mother swears that at five months when I started teething, after keeping her up all night with wailing, she sat me down and, exhausted, explained to me in great detail why it was in my best interest to stop fussing because she was already doing everything she could to help me. According to her, I listened carefully, and never woke her up at night again.

    Since she took this to mean I was a genius-baby, I think you can absolutely take it as mama-gospel that Waleed is, as well. I think maybe babies really do understand a lot more of what's going on & being said than we assume.

    Which means I should probably be more careful about what comes out of my mouth sometimes…


  2. Thanks all πŸ™‚

    Susan, really?!?! I do think W understands more than I realize- for sure- but the whole “oh” and listening to me worked only that one time. . . lol, at least I know its possible.


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