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You know you’re a writer when. . .

You’re driving down the road at 12:30 to go grocery shopping and come across fifteen parked police cars leading up to a house in your neighborhood, and while your first instinct is to think of all the ghastly possibilities your second instinct is, well maybe one of the fellow cops is pregnant and they’re having a baby shower during their lunch break at a fellow officer’s home, alarming everyone around for miles while they are inside playing how big is mommy’s belly and eating donut-shaped baby shower cakes. 

I mean, that could have been it, right? [Am writing chick-lit at the moment. Clearly the work has saturated my brain]

5 thoughts on “You know you’re a writer when. . .”

  1. Heheheh. Yep. I excel at making up stories to fit every set of circumstances.

    Oh, & I've been meaning to tell you – I'm LOVING your links on Twitter. Never paid much attention to T before, but you may be hooking me on it…


  2. Shawna, its a side effect of the craft I suppose, lol- not entirely bad though!

    Susan, glad to know I'm not alone, like I said to Shawna it appears to be a side effect of being a writer- Aw you've been following me on twitter? Thanks! I was thinking I was over-sharing there but Ill keep on doing it if you are finding it useful! 🙂 Thanks!!!


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