Fenugreek- the greatest thing- ever

He slept. He slept. HE SLEPT. I know one day does not a habit make, but I will take these moments when they come. I am not sharing this with you to gloat- far too afraid of the concept of nazr to do that. . . but I am sharing because I think I discovered the reason for the wakefulness and constant requests for feeds. I wasn’t making enough milk. After starting Fenugreek, within 48 hours, things changed. Since Wednesday I have a different baby. He can go three hours without eating. He isn’t crying like I’ve been starving him for days when he does get hungry. And he sleeps. HE SLEEPS. It’s not the sleep marathons of seasons past, but its sleep and I’ll take what I can get. I share this since I know some of you reading are nursing or plan to nurse and if you do and think you’re having some supply issues run, don’t walk, to get this supplement. One weird side effect though is that you do give off a scent like maple syrup. I thought Sunny was kidding when she mentioned this, but it is in fact, true. While strange, I suppose one could smell worse. I find it interesting that Fenugreek is what desis call methi a commonly used spice in desi cooking. In fact, most things I saw that help with this issue we use in desi cooking  such as fennel seeds, which until a month ago, I was eating by the handful each day because I just enjoy the taste.

Maybe its just a birthday gift and he’ll go back to his old ways by day’s end, but for now, I am going to savor the fact that I actually got some sleep last night. Thank you FENUGREEK!

2 thoughts on “Fenugreek- the greatest thing- ever”

  1. Fenugreek, eh? I've heard it works – but never heard from a 1st hand source. I'll definitely stock up. And yeah, smelling like maple syrup doesn't sound half bad – I can certainly imagine worse side effects!


  2. Glad to hear things are better. Wish I'd had as much success with the stuff. I don't even notice me smelling of maple any more, if I ever did. And I take a lot of it!


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