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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Netflix. It rocks. As some of you know I was deeply distressed when Direct TV decided to charge me a hefty premium for the privilege of watching my once beloved BRAVO channel. Seriously, they jacked up the rates for the channel to higher than HBO! I love Netflix’s streaming option. I’m on season three of Weeds (a very silly show that grows on you as you watch) and just wrapped up Season 1 of Dexter (which was so gory I kept saying I WILL NOT WATCH ANOTHER EPISODE as I finished each episode). The ending was very satisfying though and I love the layers of the show though I find Dexter’s sister deeply annoying. Tangent aside, I prefer Netflix to Blockbuster on-line. I like how it suggests movies I’ll like and did I mention I love the wireless streaming? Completely awesome and I don’t even miss the Real Housewives and Millionaire Matchmaker and all the other awesomely fun pointless shows at all.

My finger. While Dexter certainly helps me appreciate all the limbs and digits I have, I list my finger because I think we’ve determined the source of the sleepless nights: teething. Most certainly, teething. We’ve tried tablets that melt in your mouth, except he swallows them. The frozen teethers, except they’re too cold. And then finally, entirely by chance my finger, as he grabbed it while I held him and popped it in his mouth. And he chewed and he chewed and he chewed. And he was happy and soothed. So my finger it is. Whatever will take his pain away I’m game. So happy to have found something that helps.

Beautiful portraits to adorn your home and help flood victims. A friend of ours is a top notch photographer who is selling his prints with all net profits going to UNICEF to assist the flood victims of Pakistan. Because everything we do for them helps, even though unfortunately it will never be enough.

4 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. I too watched Dexter even though I do NOT approve of glamorising serial killers. I need to get a grip with them series though, I do not want the baby to get too fond of the tv later…

    Over here all new parents are advised to give babies the pinky (with the palm cupped upwards) instead of the pacifier. And this is what nurses and doctors do to calm down a crying baby during controls. It is also efficient when giving liquid medicine – you can control how many drops you give, and it is a soothing way for the baby. And now – the teeth whisperer!


  2. I am sad, I just had to put our Netflix on hold because despite my best effort, it took me 45 days to get to my last movie (Book of Eli). I have to wait until life isn't so crazy. But yes, Netflix roxxxx! I just wish my Internet would realize I already subscribe to the service, because those ridiculous never-ending pop-up ads for Netflix drive me NUTS.


  3. Kmina- yeah I dont even know if its approving serial killers, I mean it is in a way, but in another way it says from the outset that he has some serious issues. But I'm with you, its a struggle to watch TV and make sure little baby doesn't watch TV with us. How do you guys plan to deal with that? Hubby watches a lot of TV so its going to be a challenge though he is also committed to having baby not watch TV until he's about 2

    Sunny, well- I don't blame you! You certainly don't have time for movies! But I love the streaming option, you can fit in a quick 25 minute show while feeding. That is what sold me! 🙂


  4. I love me some Weeds and Dexter! Excellent shows! The other cable shows we like right now are Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which like Dexter is a bit on the bloody side but is oh so sexy, and True Blood, which is … well, a bit on the bloody side but oh so sexy. 🙂
    And Dexter's sister is seriously annoying.


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