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Ramadan Mubarak

Two days ago I saw a TV show where people were televised congratulating a bigoted baker on his denial of services to a woman in hijab. For weeks I’ve been following the news stories of a church in the city I went to college planning to burn Qurans and about the ground zero mosque protests and the fact that the hatred against building mosques goes well beyond NYC.

I take comfort in public figures like Jon Stewart who tackle the stupidity behind the hatred but as immune as I like to think I am to this stuff, its really bothering me these days. How others treat Muslims. How Muslims treat others. How Muslims treat Muslims. 
And yet- this month is not about that. It’s Ramadan. A time for introspection, to quietly evaluate ones own faith and strengthen ones spirituality. To not look outside so much as to look inside. Ultimately as much as religion is about each other, it is also about ones own self. And though I can hope to change others, I can only truly work towards changing myself. I hope this month will bring me closer to my faith and will help me feel closer to my Creator towards whom I can never offer thanks enough. 

7 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak”

  1. This “Ground Zero Mosque” ordeal and the blatant prejudice against Muslims in this 21st century free world is troubling. Muslims, as a whole, need to unite and stand above it.

    On a lighter note, a very happy Ramadan to you and your family.


  2. If it's any consolation, I don't know of ANY NYers who are opposed to the building of the cultural center. In NY proper, the attitude is “why WOULDN'T we want a cultural center nearby?”

    Of course, having said that, the concept of a church – any church – planning to burn the guiding book of another culture makes me feel sick inside.

    Wishing you a happy Ramadan & the promise of better days ahead in spite of the lousy news from around the country. (And affectionate greetings from Italy!)


  3. Thanks Ayesha 🙂
    Ana- yes I completely agree with you, unfortunately it the hardest thing in the world it seems- to unite- and its easy to rip apart at a faith that is so divided.
    Susan, Glad to hear that this is not the case for most NYCers. I think its outside people who are causing most of the hooplah. (Just like NYC voted overwhelmingly Democrat post-9/11 despite the rest of the country going with Bush Part Two because of 9/11). Hope you're living it up in Italy, i love reading your posts, I get to live vicariously through you 🙂
    Mezba- lol, that did crack me up! Thanks for it 🙂


  4. i have heard the argument that while it is not illegal to put an islamic community center two blocks from ground zero, it is immoral (or insensitive). my response to this is that while it is not illegal to stereotype an entire community of people based on their worst example, it is immoral.
    this ignorance in this country is overwhelming. sometimes i think i should cut myself off from facebook and/or any sort of news just so i don't have to hear about things like this, it is absolutely infuriating. on behalf of the ignorant people in this country, i apologize.


  5. Thanks Katery- I know that despite the fact that they may be more vocal (the bigoted), there are a LOT of rational open minded and thinking people in this country such as yourself. That is why I love my country and why I know that despite the darker elements things will ultimately be okay.


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