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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

my mac. My old PC was beginning to look shaky and since I’ve had so many die under my watch, I know the signs all too well. K, wanting to get me a “thanks for giving birth to my baby” gift suggested the iPad which while cool, is not something I saw myself taking full advantage of since I tend to get my books from libraries and call me old-fashioned but I need to feel the pages between my fingers when I read. Instead, we decided on the macbook. When I first got it, I felt disappointed. While it looked super sleek I missed having a PC which I understood completely. But, I’m happy to say despite reduced brain cells due to sleep deprivation, I have managed to figure out how to use the mac, and now I actually kind of sort of love it. Really glad I have it. Really hope I don’t kill it. 

Eyebuydirect.com. It used to be a running joke in my family about how many glasses I could go through in a year. (I’m noticing a theme of me breaking things, hmm). I had a good streak, keeping a pair of glasses for over four years without incident but then my prescription changed and I was lucky enough to find this website that has cheap glasses and pretty good service. They are not paying me to say it [though offers of free glasses will never be refused] but its been such a relief for a klutz like me to have a place I can readily order new glasses. I just broke my glasses yesterday and am so glad that its only going to set me back $20 as opposed to the $100s it once did. 

mango-banana milkshake.  I miss the days of taking evening walks once the heat had somewhat dissipated but these days its still 90 degrees at 9 o’clock at night -but-one mango + two bananas + milk + ice = the most unbeatable taste sensation as one tries to make it through this ridiculously hot summer.

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