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Thoughts on Target and ‘Everybody Else’

When I was younger, living under my parent’s roof, I was often told no when I asked to go out with friends to football games or parties. It’s not you we don’t trust, they said, its everybody else. This would irk me to no end until now. Like today. Today, I get it.

I went to Target today. That’s great, you might say. Thanks for giving us the play-by-play of your most scintillating life. But there’s more. You see, I went to Target. With the baby. by myself. It was my first time going solo and I was a bit apprehensive. I’ve done enough of the judgmental eyeroll at other people’s children shrieking up and down the aisles to be slightly nervous about the karma coming around to bite me. Luckily, little guy was more perplexed than upset by the whole store situation and let out nary a peep. [I guess I have a year or two before the shrieking through the aisles stage of life begins]

It was not the shopping that disturbed me. It was the driving to and from Target. You see I think people particularly in my town are a bit crazy on the road. I say think because I never really noticed crazy drivers in my neck of the woods until today. Highways yes. But my particular area, filled with bored police officers at every turn, the crazy tends to stay under wraps. Not today. Today it felt like every car was on the verge of careening out of control and drivers were cutting me off left and right. [The latter might be true since at one point I glanced down and saw I was accidentally driving 15 miles under the limit]. I wanted to roll down my window and shout There’s a baby in here! Don’t drive like a maniac! [And no I didn’t do this as I realize this would make me the maniac]

I used to eyeroll those drivers with the shiny yellow Baby on Board signs because I pictured smug soccer moms with bobbed haircuts toting their over scheduled child around in those cars. But today? Today I wanted one for myself. While I may not actually get one of these signs, it did feel amazing to me how different things look now. I know that I will think twice before heading out onto the highway, alone, with the baby, because while I’m sure he’ll be fine and promptly fall asleep as soon as I put the pedal to the metal, its not him I don’t trust, its everybody else! 

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