101 things to do in 1001 days

If you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time you know I love lists. I’ve done 108 goals in 2008, 109 goals in 2009, and I’ve even done this very list, 101 things to do in 1001 days several years back as well. In our hectic world you can end up so caught up in the day-to-day making it easy to not have a chance to think about you and your goals and the small things that bring joy to your life. For that reason, the things in my list are things I want to do, not necessarily things I have to do. The things I have to do will get done while the other things, the things that make life full of rich pigments are the ones in danger of taking a back seat- hence this list [and yes- replacing that darn bathroom light will enhance my life!] As always I’ll update on my blog from time to time on the progress of this list and the list itself is listed on a separate page here. If you decide to participate too, please let me know, would love to follow along. So without further ado:

  1. Frame my degrees: They are just sitting around gathering dust and considering the fact that lately my life consists of poopy diapers and sleep schedules it might be nice to frame them, just to remember, that once upon a time I done did degrees. [But this whole being a SAHM? Wouldn’t have it any other way!]
  2. Write my second novel: I’m amazed that I have a second novel in line to write but I credit this goal making list with some of the motivation and resolve to complete the first one and persevere enough to get an agent. The second novel is already brewing in my head but I’m trying to . . .
  3. Finish the revisions of the first novel and see it through to its bitter or delightful end: I thought once I got an agent, particularly an agent at such a reputable agency, I merely had to count the days until my book hit the shelves. I’ve since learned its not quite so easy. I am currently in the midst of my umpteenth revision but its hard to get focused when you’re so tired of the story because you’ve looked at for so many years. Updated: here.
  4. Take an international Vacation: If we could somehow make it to Peru it would be mighty cool.
  5. Visit Hawaii: I’m hoping we’ll take more than one vacation in 1,001 days so I’m going to just put it out there and hope somehow someway we will get to see this beautiful place again, insh’Allah.
  6. See Baraka: So lucky to know her, and though we always talk about visiting, I’m hoping that with this on my list it will inspire to make sure it happens. Hope its sooner on the 1001 days than later!
  7. Finish my 50 book 2011 challenge: Last year I read 100 books in a year. This year my goal was 50 because 100 books makes you rush too fast in my opinion and shy away from books that are too lengthy. So far I’m at a measly ten books and its already July but I’m hoping to pick up the pace and reach my goal by year’s end. Updated: Didn’t happen but am retrying in 2011!
  8. Lose the baby weight.
  9. And then some.
  10. Finish getting Waleed’s bedroom ready. ‘twas going to be a monkey themed room but he’s been getting so many disney themed gifts thanks to his Mamu Aamir that I’m considering changing it up.
  11. Cabin Trip. Its been entirely too long since our last one. Preferably a trip in the fall at a cabin with an outdoor fireplace.
  12. Get a hair cut. It’s been over a year. I used to go to one in Orlando. Whenever I visited I swung by and got my a haircut but that salon- kaput. Now I must venture into my own city and figure out a place to get my locks snipped for an affordable price.
  13. Attend Aamina’s wedding: Doesn’t need to be on the list since I’ll obviously do it, but I figured an easy one should be included too 🙂
  14. See “The Wire”: It’s highly acclaimed and loved by many and I need to just get cracking on it. I’m in the mood to like a new show.
  15. Learn to make roti: My mom makes it best. I always told K I’d start making it once we had kids but otherwise it was too messy to be worth the hassle. Well I done gone and have a baby now so I guess its time to learn the timeless art of rotiness.
  16. Buy black sandals:  Sad that I need to put this on a list but I’m just not a big shopper.
  17. Stop biting my nails: again.
  18. Get a nose ring
  19.  Donate ThingsI feel lighter after I donate. Good for others. Good for self.
  20. Donate MoneyDitto.
  21.  Get a professional family portrait. 
  22. Hike. I love hiking even though I’m really bad at it.
  23. See the ocean. Because it purty
  24. See the mountains. Because they purty too
  25. Visit Miami. Aamir. Ali. Natasha. Lebron James. 
  26. Play Poker. Loser changes a diaper!
  27. Get a collection of kids shows in Urdu
  28. Learn to make ten new dishes/desserts: Chicken Satay, Red Coconut Thai Curry, Chinese Beef and Peppers,
  29. Paint my toenails
  30. Buy new yellow plates for the Baker’s rack. The ones we have are sentimental since a dear friend left them with us before he moved. But, they’re getting chipped. They need to go. 
  31. Limit internet to one hour a day for one week. 
  32. Grow mintIt’s in the soil- but will it grow?
  33. And Sunflowers. Because they mean so much to me.
  34. Grill corn. Or rather eat grilled corn. K can grill.
  35. Update my resume. 
  36. Review ten restaurants/hotels on sites like yelp, tripadvisor. I rely on these sites for information on good eats and stays so likewise the favor should be returned.
  37. Eat some fancy chocolate. I always tend to save fancy chocolate when given as a gift and then they go bad. Recently someone brought my parents a big box of Godiva. I watched as they unwrapped it and between all of us, it was eaten in days. And enjoyed. A good lesson for me. So bring me fancy chocolate. I shall eat it 🙂 
  38. Take a swim. Preferably in the ocean.
  39. Draw a design and frame it. Because I love to draw and dont do it enough.
  40. Write Waleed a monthly letter
  41. At the end of the year put it into a book via lulu
  42. Go through my blog archives and put all my favorites into a book on lulu too
  43. Write poems at least ten
  44. Write a short story. Even if it sucks.
  45. Get a physical
  46. Make prints of Waleed’s pictures for a “real album”
  47. Make prints of the Hawaii trip and make a “real album”
  48. Make prints of the Spain trip and make a “real album”
  49. Get the wire for my external hard drive and
  50. Back everything up
  51. Make a Thanksgiving dinner. Even if for reasons beyond our control, it can’t actually be on Thanksgiving. I love Turkey.
  52. Figure out the Moby Wrap. Updated here
  53. Get a Toy Chest of sorts. Because his stuff, its piling up!
  54. Spend my Borders gift cards. Three years and counting of unused gift cards. Ridiculous.
  55. Take a bubble bath
  56. Wear the Powell’s shirt
  57. Take a bike ride. Even if its in my neighborhood.
  58. Have a picnic. By a lake. With a frisbee.
  59. Make my bed every day for a week. Because it feels good.
  60. Have the kitchen/family room sparkling before bed for a week
  61. Eat a pomegranate. In a bowl. 
  62. Go to the Farmer’s market and try a fruit or vegetable I never tried before.
  63. Video chat
  64. Get a new breakfast table
  65. Get a dental cleaning
  66. Get my eyes checked again
  67. Write a Children’s book for Waleed
  68. Do five writing exercises from Writer’s Digest
  69. Re-read the Harry Potter series
  70. Re-read House on 443 series (Alex McCall Smith)
  71. Read ten classics
  72. Write to my congress person on an issue 
  73. Write to a media station ten times for positive articles
  74. Participate in Nanowrimo
  75. Participate in NanoBloMo
  76. Home improve something
  77. Write into my journal five beautiful things daily for one month
  78. Write into my one sentence journal daily for one month
  79. Buy more Sharpie pens
  80. Learn five new surahs and their meaning
  81. Finish the Quran front-to-back again
  82. Get a manicure
  83. Eat fruit chaat desi style
  84. Put all my spices in nice spice jars
  85. Visit Charleston
  86. Visit St. Augustine
  87. See a waterfall
  88. Try a new local restaurant
  89. “Adopt” a child. There are lots of places you can sponsor a child. If you’re interested in a US based one, e-mail me. I haven’t done it yet but I’ve heard good things about it. 
  90. Make a will. Not looking forward to this.
  91. Keep my Mac alive and well until 1001 days. I tend to make electronic things go kaput so here’s hoping!
  92. Get grass in our backyard. Because there is none, and little boys deserve space to play.
  93. Paint something in my house. I don’t know why I’m terrified of painting my house. I’ve painted a room for Habitat for Humanity so I know it can be done, but I just don’t do it in my own house. 
  94. Actually clean everything in my ‘to do’ list. This will sound weird, but I always forget ONE thing. And even though I eventually get to it, the list itself never gets fully knocked off. 
  95. And then make a cleaning schedule. Because hopefully that will help me stay organized and not make excuses to mop instead of write. 
  96. Change the light in the bedroomSad this has to be on a list but its been three years and still remains undone.
  97. Buy/Have fresh flowers at least five times. They brighten the house .
  98. Get a fancy schmancy camera. 
  99.  And learn all its fancy schmancy features.
  100. Participate in the 365 Project for Waleed. I’m super excited about the 365 project. I already take a picture every day of Waleed but this way I’ll document his day in this way. 
  101. Participate in the 365 Project for me I think its important to have a separate one for me because its easy to lose yourself in a child and forget who you are. 
Next up, a list I’ve been compiling for some time, 101 things to do with my child . . . 

10 thoughts on “101 things to do in 1001 days”

  1. I've probably already told you this, but I admire you so much for putting these lists together (and making your way through them) year after year! I tried to do the same last year (or maybe the year before)and got to number 13 or so before quitting. It's sad that I couldn't even make a LIST of 101 things, much less start doing the things themselves! Which really just goes to show how much I need a list like this 🙂

    Maybe I'll try again. Who knew list-making was so much work? Anyway, good job! I look forward to reading about your progress.


  2. Thanks Cylinda 🙂 I enjoy the lists because they keep me focused on things beyond the daily grind! And I love crossing things off lists, lol 🙂 Do it too!

    Pixie, do you have it on a website? Would love to read it.

    Anon, thanks 🙂

    Aamina- yes do that! And for #13, um, you better be there or we gots issues 😉


  3. Mezba- gotta dream big 🙂

    Summer- yes! I will let you know! I'm waiting on getting a better camera which I'll hopefully get in a month or so. Are you blogging?? I see a pic of your beautiful little girl in the profile picture of your comment!


  4. Sure – let me know when you get your camera and are ready to start. I need to start taking more pictures again.

    Yeah, we have a blog about the girls. Mostly just for our families, since they aren't around to enjoy the little things. We aren't very consistent, some months are better than others.

    If you'd like to see it, I can send you an invitation.


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