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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. The new blogger layouts. Seriously, they were so boring before I considered moving over to wordpress since they had much crisper layouts, etc, but wow has blogger brought up their game. They have dozens upon dozens of new layouts and formats so I won’t be surprised if the look of this blog changes quite regularly. Sometimes I think about moving over to my own domain but I’m just not computer savvy enough to consider the switch. Speaking of computer savvy, how do you shrink the banner so it doesn’t take over half the page? I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

2. Cherries. I have frequently lauded the beauty of many a fruit but cherries has not made it to my 3bt before. Lately they’re on sale and they are absolutely delicious. I’ve primarily stuck to black cherries but recently I tried Rainier cherries and they are absolutely amazing though pricey [$1 per cherry in Japan!] Even better, unlike watermelons which are also amazing, they are very very low calorie so you can eat to your heart’s content. Nature’s candy indeed.

3. My mom. I think I always appreciated her but the appreciation reaches new heights now that I am a parent. And not just because I get what it takes to be a parent, but because of the help and support she has given me these past 11 weeks. I could part with my life savings and steal the moon for her and this would still not be enough repayment for all that she has done for me. I’m going back home soon and I get teary because I know how much I will miss her and our morning chai conversations. But I am thankful. Alhamdullilah.

4 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. I applaud the visual changes to the blog – I do miss your old one though, there was something to be said about the old banner, as I always pondered the word 'befuddled' merely because of your blog.

    But life changes and your blog is reflecting that, in many ways 🙂 Bravo to the future, I say.


  2. So the befuddled title. . . befuddled you? It must be the sleep deprivation but that made me giggle 😀 Thanks for the thumbs up!


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