Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Support. I’ve had my family in town staying with us since Waleed arrived and their support has been incredible. They didn’t need to be asked, as soon as they arrived, they were cooking, cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, watching Waleed so I could nap, and simply being a comforting presence in a swirl of activity. Visitors can often feel like a stressful event as you plan meals and cook but they have been a cool breeze on a summer day. Alhamdullilah.

Wii Fit. Now that the OB gave me the go ahead to exercise I am ready to get this baby weight gone and the Wii Fit is so much fun I hardly notice I’m exercising as I bike around Wuhu island looking at dazzling waterfalls while I try to unlock flags or do the step with the other Miis. The best thing is I can do short increments of exercise which is very necessary when working out around a newborn’s unpredictable schedule.

Air Conditioning. It’s easy to take this for granted but it is HOT in the dirty south and I am so grateful it works and that its keeping us cool in what would otherwise be a very intolerable summer.

2 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. You have a wonderfully supportive family, and it is great you are so thankful for them.

    Air conditioning–not so necessary up here in New England, but there are moments…like tonight.


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