109 in 2009, Year in Review

In conclusion, 109 in 2009

When I made my list 109 things to do in 2009 I looked forward to 2010 and reviewing what I accomplished. Things have been hectic, and I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of January so its about time I updated! All the goals I listed out here.

In 2009 I met 61 of my 109 goals… about 56%. Quite an uptick from 2008 where I reached 48 of my goals completing 44% of my goals. Here’s a quick run down of the coolest goals I met:

Do the 100 book challenge. My list for 2009 is not fully updated but I reached this goal! I am supremely proud of having read this many books but this year my goal is cut in half to 50 books again because with such a high reading goal I found myself turning away from lengthy books and I normally love lengthy books because you can really fall into the characters and their lives more completely. Hopefully soon I’ll post my favorite books of 2009.

Research and create a book proposal/pitch. Research and locate publishers and agents. Send my novel out. These were carry over goals from 2008 and the three I was least looking forward to since it involved the whole putting my heart on my sleeve and facing rejection. I did get plenty of rejections but amazingly I also found my agent this year. I credit part of my motivation to keep on plugging along to my list because it was a public reminder of something I promised myself I would try.

Write in my gratitude journal nightly for two weeks. Though I try to write three beautiful things each Thursday, this year I decided to start doing this every day in my journal before going to sleep. In the book Happier, the author says this practice has been found to correlate with better outlooks in individuals. I agree. Though I made the goal to do this for two weeks, I find myself continuing to write daily. It’s amazing to look back, particularly if you’re feeling down, at the lists of beautiful things. I find it gives me a sense of perspective.

See a live event. I saw quite a few live events but one thing I learned this year is how much I love watching singers who are up and coming in the smaller venues they typically perform at. As opposed to large stadium venues where the performers look like stick people, at more local concerts, you have good seats for cheaper prices and a chance to hang out with the performer afterwards.

Figure out my next step. A seemingly simple goal but one that did not come easy. It remains to be seen if I made the right decision, but so far I have no regrets.

I loved doing my lists these past two years. It’s fun to tick things off and because years can sometimes fly by without you noticing it forces you to really consider the things you want to accomplish in a year and live that year a bit more mindfully. This year I will make a new list, but I don’t know if it will 110 things to do in 2010 or a smaller, shorter list, with goals nonetheless that hopefully I will be lucky enough to accomplish this year.

I hope you met your own goals in 2009 and here’s 2010 and a chance to try again!

3 thoughts on “In conclusion, 109 in 2009”

  1. Hi, Aisha!!! It's so great to meet another Sandra Dijkstra author. It's a strange, lonely process once you find an agent in a way I can't really describe. You're kind of in limbo until that publishing deal goes through. Anyway, I'm following you now and look forward to both of us getting our big deals!


  2. Its a good idea that you laid out your goals – even if you didn't accomplish 100% you still did a lot of it. Also, something you probably told someone made its way to me and really helped – it was like an emotional lifesaver and like the only one. Thanks! When are you coming to DC again?


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