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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Pomegranates. It’s pomegranate season and I’ve never taken advantage of it before. When Ramadan was in the winter season I loved sprinkling my fruit chaat with this fruit but I never considered just shelling out the dark red seeds and eating it by the bowlful. The thought intrigued me so I put in my list of 109 in 2009. I figure one must in their lifetime aspire to eat a bowl of pomegranate if one can. I can’t believe I waited this long! I love the sweet crunchy flavor of eating the seeds by the spoonful and even shelling them out is a labor of love.

Salt Rock Lamp. Even before reading about the benefits of salt rock I knew this was no ordinary lamp. First the glow is soothing and surprisingly strong yet gentle, and just placing ones hands on its warmth and closing ones eyes. . . you feel like all your worries for the brief seconds your hands touch the warmth, have all evaporated. They are made in the Himalayas of Pakistan and if you check before you buy, most of the ones for sale are produced via Fair Trade.

My bloggy friends. Y’all. I feel overwhelmed by your kind comments and your genuine joy over my news about getting an agent. Reading your comments seriously put a smile on my face. It was so awesome to hear from some of you who have been reading from way back in the day. I didn’t even know you guys stopped by. Thank you SO much for your warm comments, and for still coming by, it felt like a big bear hug from each and every one of you! Sometimes I’ve thought about stopping my blogging since I’m so infrequent these days but moments like that just make me want to keep going. Thank so much!

5 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Is the Himalaya mountain range still officially called Himalaya in Pakistan ? I remember many years ago, there was a debate in pakistani govt to give the mountain range an “appropriate Islamic name” as Himalaya was deemed to “sanskrit based”. Just curious if anybody has an update on this ?



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