Have No Envy, Have No Fear

I went to a Joshua Radin concert tonight. I love REM, U2, and other big stars but going to a concert with them involves sitting in the nosebleeds and paying $65 for the privilege of doing so. A lesser known artist means cheap tickets and up close and personal access. He talked to us and told us the stories behind his songs and after the concert we met him and he signed our album!

What moves me most is watching an artist who writes and composes his own music. I’m watching him in the middle of his journey, who knows how far his talent will ultimately take him. To this effect, I particularly loved his song, no envy no fear:

some are reachin’
few are there
want to reign from a hero’s chair
some are scared to fly so high
well this is how we have to try
have no envy and no fear

Radin said he sometimes felt frustrated that he wasn’t succeeding as he wanted to. He said instead of envy of others who were where he wanted to be, he decided to be inspired by them which is the impetus for this song. The words may mean different things to different people as most good lyrics do, but for me it tells me you have to keep on going, you have to keep pursuing your dreams even though it can be very difficult, and that as you go, you have to let go of your fear and envy (Stephanie Meyer, I’m lookin at you!) and just climb as best you can.

7 thoughts on “Have No Envy, Have No Fear”

  1. “instead of envy of others who were where he wanted to be, he decided to be inspired by them”

    wow, so true. Being a broke, over-stressed college student and all, i see others where i want to be, meanwhile i'm working my butt off and time seems to move so slow.. i think i needed to realize this at this very moment in my life. thanks for the insight.


  2. Sara, listen to the link of the song! it's soo soothing it washes off all those feelings πŸ™‚

    Bee Amma, GAGGGGG I hated hated hated it! Which is why I'm so jealous because IMO the lady can't write but she's so supremely successful. Ahem, *aisha returns to chanting the mantra, have no envy have no fear* lol. Seriously, let me know what you think of the book?


  3. Hey, i rushed back here after reading a few chapters because after reading them i just thought…..aisha can't seriously think this is a good writer?! Seriously glad i didn't go mad and buy 3 books as they were on offer, so i only have the guilt of one book on my hands!!! As i am on night shifts and there is nothing to do, i will finish it, but it's seriously irritating me the way it is written. I'm really fussy about the way books are written, i like words to fly off the page, i like genuine writing, and this book seems to be written by a child in my opinion. Harsh words, i know! I held back from reading them because of all the hype, i hate being let down, and here i find myself in just that position!!

    Enough moaning about that anyway (don't you just hate it when you finish an awesome book, only to pick up a really shit one?!)

    Please please please read “shantaram” by gregory david roberts, you won't regret it, and you can ignore any of my future recommendations if you don't like it!!! I am confidenc you will love it! Also i finished reading “burnt shadows” by kamila shamsie this weekend, and i thought of you again! πŸ™‚


  4. Bee Amma, hahaha, yeah Twilight boggles my mind, really and truly! I don't understand how people like it but there are grown women who are crazy for Cullen. The writing is very bad.

    Thanks for the book tip, I looked it up at the library but they don't have it, I will hunt it down on amazon and hopefully find it for a good price πŸ™‚ Thanks!!!


  5. i hate the way she writes Stupid stupid stupid, it pops up everywhere, and i have only read about 50 pages! i also realise i don't like books written as a narration from the main character, i've forgotten the term for it, but i think it makes for sloppy writing. (not that i am great at writing, but hey, i don't claim to be a writer!)


  6. it's killing me having to finish this book, half way through, and every page is killing me!! it's not worth the pain or reading, i'm sure, but i PAID for it, so dammit i have to finish it!!!


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