Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Watching the moon change each night before my eyes from nothing, to a sliver, until voila, we see the full round moon casting its moon shadow on our nightly walk. I can’t believe I have not watched a lunar cycle in its entirety before.
2. Autumn is here! I love the crisp air and sleeping with the bedroom windows open, the hint of brown in the trees and pulling out the turtlenecks and boots in anticipation of the chilly weather to come.
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm. The HBO show. It’s hilarious. Seinfeld times ten. Speaking of Seinfeld, they’re reuniting on the show Sunday. Beautiful indeed.

4 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. I'm completely with number 2 here. I just did the same today–I put away the summer garb and hung up wool-lined pants and turtlenecks in its place. Per your suggestion, I will sleep with the window open tonight.


  2. Hi Aisha,
    Hope you enjoyed the moon today. Thanks for making me realize that I have not seen the moon circle in its entirety as well 🙂
    I will now.
    BTW, hope you enjoyed the moon tonight… it was beautiful!


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