Reflections on blessings

On my last blog post, I got the following comment:

WOW! You are so lucky! I wish I was that blessed… you got a husband that supported you through law school… and supports you through the book writing… AND… you live with some guy!! Rock on Girl!

I am going to go ahead and assume this person’s intent was not to be sarcastic, or in any way bad intentioned, but this anonymous comment (and of course, they’re always anonymous) disturbed me and I feel I must address it.

First, I don’t take for granted that K is very supportive of my dreams and I appreciate it because I could not do any of this without his support. I am blessed, agreed. But to say “I wish I was that blessed” makes me cringe. Yes, I have blessings in my life. So do all of you. I also have my share of difficulties and struggles just like all of you. Some I have discussed outright on this blog, and some due to their extremely personal nature, I discuss vaguely. My outlook is a choice. I could bemoan the horrible economy and how difficult it is right now to find a job. I could cry to you about how we’re no longer a dual income household and being home not bringing in a paycheck will surely be an adjustment. I could paint the image of my current situation in a very sad and deplorable light if I wanted to, but I don’t. I don’t because though it does not always come easy, I try to find the good in my life. I take this bad economic time, and the fact that I am burned out from a bad job, as an opportunity to work on my writing dream, instead of whining to you about how unfair life is.

While I do feel blessed, I believe this feeling is not so much as what I have but more so the choice I have made to appreciate my blessings. There are people with more than me who are far less happy, there are people with less than me who are far more happy. It’s a choice. There are days I falter, there are days that hurt more than you will know, but overall I strive to maintain a good perspective on my world. With this blog I share with you a part of my life, but by no means does it mean that everything there is to know about my life is listed here. To my commenter, I pray for the same examination of your own life and for your happiness through the ability to choose to see the blessings you already possess.

7 thoughts on “Reflections on blessings”

  1. You should not have to respond to such negative energy. Your writing and goals are pure and simple and reach far more people than you would know. It is the small, mean spirited side that causes people to lash out and say things with spite. I am extremely inspired by your choices and decisions. You are paving the way and we all know the challenges of a writer's life – the writing part of it πŸ™‚ I am sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way. I am trying to write myself but have no inspiration in terms of characters or ideas that speak to me so I just continue to write. You have embarked on a fantastic journey and I know that there is a whole slew of people (myself included) who are eagerly awaiting the results and are rooting for you πŸ™‚

    Lots of inspiration, good will and happy thoughts your way


  2. Aisha,

    Totally agree with you here. People always think that positive individuals are “lucky” because everything comes easily to them or they seem so naturally blessed. In actuality your attitude in itself is what makes you fortunate. Optimism is the greatest of blessings.

    Prayers that you are protected from all jealous eyes and hearts.


  3. Amitaf, Dil-e-nadaan, cario, thanks fory our support πŸ™‚

    Anon- thanks for missing the point πŸ™‚ Not hurting for money, but thank you for your sincere concern.


  4. Aisha –
    I didn't think that comment was negatively directed. You are blessed, and yes, like all people you do struggle. But in all honesty, life is not fair. And it is quite possible that your struggles are much less difficult than another person's. I'd much rather have the struggles of being in a one income home, than caring for my dying child, for example. I'm sure you would too.

    Perhaps the poster of that comment was dealing with the struggles of being an older unmarried woman, or of dealing with an abusive husband. Maybe the poster sees something in you or sees an aspect of your life that he or she desires or struggles for, and thus feels “I wish I was that blessed.”

    Lets face it, some people ARE more blessed than others.


  5. It's all about perspective…

    “Some cry because the roses have thorns.

    Others smile because the thorns have roses.”

    While I think that the vast majority of people are equally blessed, albeit, DIFFERENTLY blessed, I will admit that there are people in the world who may be slightly more blessed or slightly less blessed than the general population — But nobody's life is charmed. We all face hardship whether it's as obvious as poverty, or whether it's hidden behind closed doors.

    Anonymous – I'm sorry for you that you are caring for your dying child. I have two children and I can't imagine how my world would absolutely collapse if I lost either of them – but don't assume that Aisha hasn't faced a pain just as great. You do not know her. You know what she has chosen to show to you.


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