Three Beautiful Things (Friday Edition)

1. Burgers. Summertime is not my favorite season as hot weather is not my cup of tea (and my is it difficult to have a cup of tea in the summertime though it does not altogether dissuade me from drinking said tea). However, grilling goes a long way to make the summer pleasurable. Whether they be desi spiced burgers, or regular American ones, burgers are the funnest part of my summer.
2. LOST. The show. I could watch season 1 over and over again and find new things each time. Though the latter seasons are not my favorite, its the only show I’ve ever truly analyzed and gotten quite so into.
3. Packages at the door. You know who you are- thanks. As always its more than the gift its the love behind it filling my heart with gratitude for your presence in my life.

3 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things (Friday Edition)”

  1. Desi spiced burgers? … Now I'm curious! Which spice should I add to my homemade burgers next time? Masala? … And then do you use traditional American style toppings still or something fancier? … Masala and ketchup… I'm thinking no?



  2. Aww Aisha you are welcome! You know I take full credit for the packages at your door! I know, its really good to have me as a constant presence in your life – its like I'm always hanging around.

    But seriously be careful of packages.


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