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Neda Soltan, 1982-2009

The elections in Iran are ugly though I’m sure most of you already knew. Neda, 26, and unarmed died from a bullet shot by a soldier. The country where she died won’t let her family speak out nor allow them to put up the banners of mourning. She was buried quickly but she won’t be quickly forgotten. In Iran, posting her pictures on websites is forbidden, so today I post a tribute for those who can’t. I hope her struggles, and others like her will not be in vain. To contact your congress person about the issues overseas, click here.

And it gets worse.

4 thoughts on “Neda Soltan, 1982-2009”

  1. Excellent post.

    Is it possible that she wasn't shot by a soldier of the Irani government but by someone in the opposing faction with the goal of creating a martyr/icon to further mobilize the people to destabilize government?

    Sometimes things are not exactly as they are painted by mainstream media. Unfortunately… the fact remains that Ms. Sultan paid a heavy price; our prayers are with her and all of those who have died unjustly in the name of free speech.

    Respecting the soveriegnty of foreign nations is also a part of the American ideals. China, Russia, and a host of middle eastern “friendly” nations quell free speech all the time, but don't receive the media attention of “axis-of-evil” nations.

    I'm curious as to what impact is desired by contacting your congress-person. Trade sanctions (already strict between US and Iran) will not hurt the government that much.. but really hurt the common people.


  2. Unbelievable, but sadly all too common in today's world. A peaceful protester struck down by fear and ignorance. Hopefully, some good may come of it. The man responsible for Open Office has started Nedanet to organize hacktivists from all over the world to try and help those silenced voices. They have created more than 1000 proxy servers to hide they internet traffic and free them up as well as launching direct attacks on the Iranian government's internet sites. I don't know if I agree with all that, but at least it's something and her death is getting the world's attention.


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