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Labeling Aisha

Labels. We all use them. The honorable Judge Judy. Dr. Bob Bobullah, M.D. etc. Sometimes I am addressed as Aisha Iqbal, BA, MA, JD. Sometimes, Aisha Iqbal, Esquire. Last week I got a kick when a client sent me a letter and addressed it, Miss Aisha, Attorney at Law. Today I got some books in the mail from someone who connected with me via my blog. When I saw the address label:

Aisha Iqbal,
Perpetually Befuddled
XXX, XX 54321

I had two reactions (1) I looked at it long and hard and (2) marveled at how this label was more accurate at capturing my essence than any other label I’ve thus far received. Me thinks I need to make some new business cards!

6 thoughts on “Labeling Aisha”

  1. lol well, yes I am an attny at law I suppose, but in my mind ATTNY @ LAw conjures images of the billboard lawyers asking you to come in for collision or accident relief. Plus, Miss Aisha… well, not usually addressed like that either 🙂


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