Barnes and Nobles and the etiquette of shop lifting

As I take out my credit card to pay the cashier at Barnes & Noble I see a stocky man with a book bag walking at a brisk pace out the door. The detectors go off shrieking. An Indian woman who works there breaks into a run Sir Sir! Please come back! The man keeps walking at a brisk pace without looking behind.

The cashier checking me out sighs as she slides my credit card through and shakes her head at the cashier next to her. I don’t know why Indira ran after him. It’s not worth it, he’ll be back again.

I raise my eyebrows, again? I ask.

The other cashier nods and rolls her eyes, Yeah he comes here all the time and stuffs his book bag with books and runs out.

I sign my receipt and stare at her, and you don’t stop him?

Nope, she said, We have strict rules on stopping shoplifters and if he puts in his book bag there’s not much we can do.

As I walk out with my purchased items, I can’t help but wonder a few things:
a) Does the book thief not know of libraries?
b) If he’s a regular thief, can’t someone trail him to make sure he doesn’t steal?
c) Why didn’t I just stuff my books in my purse and walk out.

Ha, just kidding about (c) but… there’s something seriously wrong with what I saw.

3 thoughts on “Barnes and Nobles and the etiquette of shop lifting”

  1. Ai I’d say its c/ all the way!

    What kind of policy is this about not stopping someone if they have books in their book bag?! They have sensors so they’re not mistaken 95% of the time (unless someone has a tag sticking to their shoe or something)

    I’m thinking the cashiers are in cahoots with the man!


  2. Doesn’t make sense. If they know – they can ‘camera’ him. Most stores now have camera. Probably, its a granted loss (not worthed to put effort on it)

    BTW: I stop buying from BnN as I get books way cheaper from amazon


  3. I've seen people do this at WalMart – They set off the little alarm that says something like, “Ding ding. Please step back and wait for us to assist you.” (More like frisk you)… LOL.

    But at least half the people this happens to plow on ahead. They just keep walking and pretend they don't hear it. Usually the door person is too busy with carts or something to catch up. I don't know if those people necessarily stole something or think it isn't for them, or know it's for them but know they didn't steal anything so can't be bothered or what.

    Weird though.


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