Three Beautiful Things

Browsing in a library. I order my library books online. I check the reviews, click “reserve” and pick them up. In and out in under two minutes. The other day I spent an hour just browsing through the library, I remember as a child roaming through the library, excited at all the choices that could be mine. You can lose yourself in the hallowed silence of the library as titles beckon you. I picked four books I never researched. The first I’m reading is by Paul Coelho and the first two pages were written for me. I must book browse more often.

Flowers on my doorstep. They remind me of who I love and that I am loved.

Love. It builds you up, it destroys you. It cradles you in its arms, it crushes you to dust. Love is powerful, it is beautiful, it is a universal truth, and once one loves, he who was loved, will never be forgotten.
Merlin:Ah, you know, lad, that love business is a powerful thing.
Arthur: Greater than gravity?
Merlin: Well yes, boy, in its way… yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on earth.

Life moves very fast. It rushes us from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds. – Paul Coelho

6 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Nice thought-provoking blog. I spent time in the bookstore this weekend, but don’t have money to buy all those books I want to read. Next time I’ll try the library. We have the Library of Congress nearby that I think shares its books, so I should be able to find something. I’ve gotten great books before from my local library which isn’t always common.


  2. That quote made me smile because it reminded me of the squirrel that falls in love with Arthur when he is transformed into a squirrel… but now I’m kind of sad because then I remembered that when he’s transformed back into a boy the squirrel is heartbroken… Even as an adult, when I see that part of the movie, I tear up a bit.

    The quote is too true.


  3. I haven’t seen The Sword in the Stone in a very long time–and I agree with the above quote about how it feels to watch the part when the squirrel finds out that Arthur is really a boy.


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