Random Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d drop in with a random update of what I’ve been up to. Hope everyone reading is doing great.

1. Battling Indian Call Centers: I cannot stand the Bobs of Call Center India. I opened a Macy’s account to get a discount on some dishes and since December I’ve been trying to pay my bill. Sometimes they get my bank account wrong, sometimes they forget to remove late fees they charged because they didn’t get my payment because they got my bank account wrong. I would ask them, can i speak to someone in the US. To which they bristled, to which I responded I’m desi dude, don’t get snippy but y’all aren’t heping me! To which they told me that there was no way to reach anyone in the US. Ultimately four months later I was transferred to the US and my problem was solved in a matter of ten minutes, but the frustration is so bad that I’m cancelling my Macy’s card. It’s just not worth the hassle.

2. An awesome author read my novel! A five chapter excerpt! I grew up reading her stories and on a whim e-mailed to ask if she’d read an excerpt. I felt a little weak in the knees when she said yes. Explaining to K, what this felt like I said, “It’s like you ask Jason Kidd to give you advice on shooting hoops and he says sure!” He was then quite impressed. She gave me some wonderful encouragement but also some honest humbling critique which I know will help make my novel even better. I’m excited at the steps I’m taking to slowly reach my dream.

3. Loving Big Love. Getting frustrated with LOST: Big Love is an HBO show following the lives of Bill and his three wives in Utah. They are a member of the FDLS and the show trails their daily issues, as well power struggles in the sect and Bill’s business ventures which are often filled with intrigue and danger. The acting and character development on this show is superb. I wish the seasons were longer than a mere 12-15 episodes. LOST on the other hand… I’ve been a fan for quite some time but lately its disappointing me to no end. Sure you suspend disbelief when watching fiction, but this is too much. I feel like I watch not because I love the show anymore, but because I want to finish what I started. The time travel, I was willing to buy into it, but now they live in 1977? Wouldn’t “the others” recognize them later from their stint in 1977 on the island? When Jack and Kate, etc came back to the island, why is no one doing a group meeting to catch up on everything that’s happened. I miss the days of character development and consistency, that is what made Lost great… its a great disappointment now.

4. Trying to be patient. Sometimes people are difficult. I need to not let the negativity and entitlement attitude of others affect my sense of peace. The more you practice your patience muscles, the stronger they grow… Time will tell very soon how patient I am.

6 thoughts on “Random Update”

  1. Re: #2: That must have been an amazing feeling for sure! Congrats! And I love the example you gave re: shooting hoops lol!Re: #4 lol! I sort of talked about that in my post. Having patience can be difficult, but definitely good to have 🙂Take care.


  2. Thanks Barista ;)PAtience is a skill in constant need of refinement for me.Mystic- in India they really ARE all Bobs… or Steve. Or Chris. It drives me crazy. Sometimes they slip and say “acha, tho… ” and then they freak out. lol.


  3. Congrats on your chapters being read, I’m sure the critique will ultimately serve you well – I remember tearing up some of your writing but I also think its really good on this blog…so I hope no bad memories or trauma from my critique. Patience is definately difficult – after being in the DC pressure cooker I find sometimes I have above average. I’ve had an initially exciting but very difficult year, but patience also gives one a feeling of strength.


  4. Aristono- welcome!Sadeya- thanks 🙂 Yeah I hope the writing will be the better for it. Patience is difficult, I agree… I guess the more you practice it, the more you grow…


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